[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#546269: mc: Crashes with very long file names

Ari Sovijärvi apz at flipperit.net
Mon Sep 21 14:52:41 UTC 2009

Denis Briand wrote:

> Thanks for your bug report.
> Sorry, but I can't reproduce your bug.
> I tried to create some 243 and more long file names with touch.
> mcedit works and open them and mc don't crash when it's in the current
> directory.
> What kind of file system do you use?
> Maybe I don't reproduce it correctly?


I use amd64 system (Athlon64/3400), with testing and Vanilla 2.6.31 + 
fbcondecor & tuxonice patches. The filesystem is ext4.

I first discovered the problem after creating a shell script to rename mp3's 
and their directories, and it had a slight bug that made it rename the 
directories so they had 255 character long names. I then went to fix the 
problem manually with mc, but couldn't start it.

I investigated it and found that it did not crash with the file/directory names 
up to 243 letters, but after that it crashed every time. It didn't seem to 
matter what was in the file name, when I discovered the problem, the directory 
name was just 255 numbers, but I later wrote a script that created directory 
names with just the letter "x" repeated 244 times or more.

Try having a directory with a file or directory that has 255 letter x's in its 
name and try starting mc or mcedit in that directory. In both cases you should 
see the crash.

Do you also have amd64 system? Maybe it's somehow related to the platform.

Ari Sovijärvi

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