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Fri Dec 24 20:58:18 UTC 2010

United Nations Organizations
Random Draw Compensation
Head Office: United Kingdom London
Branch Office: United States of America
Houston Texas,
Zonal Dispatch Office: Thailand Bangkok
Tel: +447624116580(SMS)
Tel: +447024075845 (Hotline)
Fax: +447023041800

Dear Beneficiary,

This is to notify you about your compensation awarded to you by the United Nations Organization Random Draw Compensation board with the total amount of £ million Great British Pounds Starlings only) with the reference number: Ref: UNO/RDC/BKXX/2010, due to the recent Economic calamity that befalls the world stock market, this compensation is meant to help people to get of standard and help the world Economic growth.especially most people from Asia,Africa and Middle East.
In regards to your payment formalities, you are advised to provide to us the following information’s listed below:

1) Your Full names:
2) Your Address, either home or office:
3) Tel/Fax:
4) Any form of identification, either a copy of your international passport or drivers license,

Pleasetry to provide us with the following information’s, your fund will be delivered to your doorstep or will be transferred into your nominated account,
We may be pleased to inform you that you have every right to make your own choice on how you want your fund to be giving to you, either by bank to bank transfer or delivered to you in cash inform of a consignment depending where your payment falls,

With all due respect, we shall further instruct you on what to do for the immediate release or approval of your awarded compensation payment,
Please let me give you a hint of this program, this Random Draw Compensation was organized by the world richest men and women to compensate people whom are lucky to fall into our human resources database played and organized by the United Nations Organization Random Draw Compensation Board, England London and United States Of America Texas.
As soon as the required information’s are provided, we shall provide to you all the documents to back your fund up such as the OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE issued and signed by the Chairman of the Random Draw Compensation Board,Mr.Smith Clark.
Please we await your urgent response,
Thank you,
Yours sincerely,
Rev.Dr.Prince Morgan,
Chief Dispatch Officer.

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