[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#581512: Bug#581512: mc: can't run any program from mc

Jiří Paleček jpalecek at web.de
Thu May 13 17:40:56 UTC 2010

On Thu, 13 May 2010 18:59:45 +0200, Yury V. Zaytsev <yury at shurup.com>  

> On Thu, 2010-05-13 at 18:52 +0200, Jiří Paleček wrote:
>> Maybe if you closed the bugs correctly, with "fixed someversion", not
>> closing without version as if the bug has never been there, I would have
>> found it (and would not report it).
> It is not a bug, but invalid user settings that cause the program to
> fail, so why would I add "fixed someversion" when I close it?!

You needn't, but you shouldn't be surprised it's reported again when it  
isn't visible on mc's bug page.

Since I never edited the mc bindings file, these "user settings" are in  
fact "mc authors' settings". And no matter they're "authors' settings"  
 from years ago, mc should not choke on them.

>> However, I just installed 3: and still can reproduce the bug.  
>> So
>> I'm marking as found.
> Did you read the bug I referred you to? Are you still able to reproduce
> it if you do mv ~/.mc ~/.mc.old before you run mc?

Yes. I'm unable to reproduce this, but got hit by #580109. So it didn't  
help much.

     Jiri Palecek

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