[Pkg-mc-devel] Question about contributing

Sebastián Carneiro scarneiro at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Jul 3 22:12:21 UTC 2011

Hi fellow maintainers of Midnight Commander, 

	I like to contribute to this package. Although I'm not experienced in
contributing to Debian, I've been using this package from some time in
Ubuntu and recently Debian, and I would like to contribute to its
maintenance and learning the work of a Debian Maintainer in the process.

I've downloaded the current upstream version of the package, and I was
about to start updating mc package to this release, but I thought to ask
you first what would be the best way to contribute to this team.

Thanks for your work and any comment is welcome regarding this subject.

Best regards, 

Sebastian Carneiro.
scarneiro at fibertel.com.ar

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