[Pkg-mc-devel] Reorganisation of MC packaging team

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Sun Feb 19 16:45:41 UTC 2012


as far as I can see MC has not seen a maintainer upload since

   Tue, 07 Sep 2010

(if I ignore my own small fix but I do not consider myself as an active
member of the MC packaging team.)  I see no visible sign for changes in
SVN (15 months since last change).  Yury told me about his plans to move
the repository to Git which would be perfectly fine for me but nothing
has happened since then.  Yuri, could you please confirm that you are
currently planing to work on this or if we should rather declare mc as
unmaintained and need to do some action.  That's not against you,
because you are free how you will spend your time, but if your time does
not permit to work on this it is better to declare it to others in the
(not existing) team and perhaps to orphan the package.

As far as I can see from this bug report several Ubuntu people are
interested in MC.  So I would suggest the following:

   1. Drop history of SVN packaging and simply start a Git
      reporistory from scratch (I'm no git expert, I'm just following
      the plan from Yuri).
   2. Inject the latest upstream version into the new repository and
      verify which patches from previous Debian packaging should be
   3. Try to form a Debian-Ubuntu-whatever maintainer team around mc

I would love if Ubuntu people which are obviosely active would try to
work in the same VCS as the Debian packaging is done.  Any better plan
to work on this goal is welcome as well.  I really feel a big need for
maintaining mc properly straight into Debian to enable a simple
migration to any derivative - mc is to important to make its maintenance
a pain for several people by reinventing everything from scratch.

Any other plan which makes this happen is fine.  I do not see my role in
this not as very important because I'm too busy with other Debian issues
but I can perfectly serve as sponsor to the Debian mirrors if others
might provide a ready packaging.

Kind regards and thanks for your attention



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