[Pkg-mc-devel] Reorganisation of MC packaging team

Maarten Bezemer maarten.bezemer at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 19:34:26 UTC 2012

On Sunday 19 February 2012 17:45:41 Andreas Tille wrote:
> As far as I can see from this bug report several Ubuntu people are
> interested in MC.  So I would suggest the following:
>    1. Drop history of SVN packaging and simply start a Git
>       reporistory from scratch (I'm no git expert, I'm just following
>       the plan from Yuri).
I an too new (to packaging) to have an opinion on this. Using bazaar on LP 
seems to work nicely though.

>    2. Inject the latest upstream version into the new repository and
>       verify which patches from previous Debian packaging should be
>       applied.

I am working on that, and getting it accepted to precise eventhough the 
FeatureFreeze is effective already. See bug #905610

>    3. Try to form a Debian-Ubuntu-whatever maintainer team around mc

I am willing to join the team (at least for a while), personally I do not use 
mc, so I wonder whether I am the right person to become a permanent member. 
But for now I'll help out with packaging and merging upstream versions. I am 
also willing to get it accepted in Debian.
But, I am very new to packaging, distributions, FeatureFreezes, etc. 
(basically new to all!), so I would need guidance when helping out.

Best regards,

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