[Pkg-mc-devel] Reorganisation of MC packaging team

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Tue Feb 21 13:55:47 UTC 2012

[Stripped down the list of recipients to those who actively took part in
 the thread + the mailing list]

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 12:23:53PM +0200, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Andreas (2012.02.21_12:07:24_+0200)
> > thanks for the debdiff.  I applied it and builded the new upstream
> > version successfully.  Some nitpicking lintian warnings are remaining
> > which are quite easy to fix (Standards-Version, long lines in changelog,
> > perhaps a manpage for mcdiff).
> Just for clarification, we try to encourage people to make as few
> modifications in Ubuntu as possible, so Standards-Version bumping
> wouldn't have been appropriate there.

That's perfectly fine to keep the diff as small as possible.  I just was
mentioning what needs to be changed before I upload to Debian.
> > The only thing I would miss for a Debian upload is that somebody needs
> > to go through the list of bugs in the Debian BTS and close them
> > accordingly.
> In that case, we'll continue to wait for an upload in Debian that we can
> sync.




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