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(new) mc-data_4.8.1-1_all.deb optional utils
Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager -- data files
 GNU Midnight Commander is a text-mode full-screen file manager. It
 uses a two panel interface and a subshell for command execution. It
 includes an internal editor with syntax highlighting and an internal
 viewer with support for binary files. Also included is Virtual
 Filesystem (VFS), that allows files on remote systems (e.g. FTP, SSH
 servers) and files inside archives to be manipulated like real files.
 This package provides architecture independent files
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  to main/m/mc/mc_4.8.1-1.debian.tar.gz
  to main/m/mc/mc_4.8.1-1.dsc
  to main/m/mc/mc_4.8.1-1_amd64.deb
  to main/m/mc/mc_4.8.1.orig.tar.xz
Changes: mc (3:4.8.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release [December 2011]
    (Closes: #618542 N:"please follow upstream progress")
    (Closes: #528331 N:"[VFS] utar is unable to open .tar files")
    (Closes: #626287 N:"SHIFT+F6 should open rename dialog")
    (Closes: #609489 I:"If <F4> is pressed ~/.mc/cedit/Syntax is missing")
    (Closes: #606331 I:"regression: panel configuration on startup;
     view search configuration")
    (Closes: #567119 I:"mcedit ignores editnormal in MC_COLOR_TABLE")
    (Closes: #587372 N:"fish does not preserve modification time when
     copying files to remote host")
    (Closes: #592396 N:"file rename (F6) with non-usual characters failed")
    (Closes: #525146 N:"mc hangs when copying multiple files from ftp")
    (Closes: #574761 N:" [VFS] internal tar considers files containig
     '@' as directories.")
    (Closes: #584687 N:"mc/fish segfaults when remote copy/move appends
     to existing file")
    (Closes: #619092 W:"Wishlist: mc to open ISO files")
    (Closes: #602857 M:"use 7zr for generic .7z archives if available")
    (Closes: #61987 W:"total ETA wanted")
  * debian/watch
    • fixed and updated to fetch latest .tar.xz
  * dropped CDBS, now using debhelper only
  * debhelper & compat to version 9
  * dh-autoreconf to update toolchain
  * intltoolize to refresh Makefile.in.in
  * debian/control
    • standards to 3.9.3 (thanks to Andreas Tille)
    • added to build-deps:
      + 'type-handling' as alternative to 'libgpm-dev'
      + 'libpam0g-dev' optional, used by build system
      + 'check' to enable post-build unit tests
      + 'autopoint' (used by autoreconf)
    • 'bison' added to Build-Depends-Indep
       if available, it is used by upstream build system
       to regenerate some files
    • added myself to Uploaders
  * debian/copyright:
    • updated and converted to DEP-5
    • added copyrights of debian contributors
    • audit of upstream licenses/copyrights - all information is included
  * configure options
    + --disable-static
    + --enable-tests
    - --without-samba (obsolete)
  * patchworks:
    • relocated to debian/patches from subdir
    • new patches:
      + new man_spelling.patch (lintianisation)
      + new ext_libreoffice.patch to replace 'ooffice' command
        with 'libreoffice' - thanks to Osamu Aoki
        (Closes: #641926 N:"mc.ext updates (xz, libreoffice)")
      + new ext_cpio-xz.patch to improve .xz support,
        (thanks to Osamu Aoki)
    • updated:
      * 04_add_gem_extension.patch
      * 05_disable_internal_editor.patch
      * 08_use_sensible-editor.patch
      * 99_detect_alt_editor.patch
    • disabled, to drop later:
      * 09_uzip_broken_528239.patch
    • dropped (obsolete)
      - 03_use_awk.patch
      - pending/99_enable_reading_debs.patch (applied upstream)
      - debian/patches/README
  * updated lintian overrides
    + added lintian-overrides for executable-not-elf-or-script
      for files in /usr/lib/mc/fish
  * install correct ChangeLog
  * install scripts to /usr/lib/mc
    (previously was installed to /usr/share/mc)
  * added symlink to missing mcdiff.1 man page
  * added symlink to relocated mc-wrapper.sh for backward compatibility
  * dropped man page for mcmfmt (binary is no longer shipped by upstream)
  * handle configuration files upgrades/removes with
    dpkg-maintscript-helper in preinst/postinst/postrm
  * architecture-independent files are separated to 'mc-data' package
    + added upgrade path with Breaks/Replaces
    + added symbolic links to link files from /usr/share/doc/mc-data/
      to /usr/share/doc/mc/
  * removed 'exit 0' from preinst/postinst/prerm/postrm files
  * VCS links updated to point at new collab-maint repository

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