[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#587875: Bug#587875: mc: Please remove type-handling dependency

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at member.fsf.org
Mon Feb 27 06:01:01 UTC 2012

Hi Jakub,

Thanks for your feedback - indeed this dependency is plain silly.
I had to spend more time investigating what 
 | not+linux-gnu
were used for. 

I will correct this foolishness very soon.


On Monday 27 February 2012 10:14:04 Jakub Wilk wrote:
> A while ago a patch was applied to fix this bug, but then it was
> promptly reverted, because there were some doubts if our infrastructure
> was ready for architecture wildcards.
> There are no such doubts anymore: architecture wildcards are used by
> hundreds of packages. Please drop the build-dependency on not+linux-gnu
> and use architecture wildcards instead.
> Moreover, the last mc release (3:4.8.1-1) changed the build-dependency
> to
> libgpm-dev | type-handling | not+linux-gnu
> I don't know could be the possible rationale for such alternative, but
> this is completely wrong.

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