[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#652883: reproduced (sort-of)

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at member.fsf.org
Tue Feb 28 14:40:09 UTC 2012

severity 652883 minor
tags 652883 wontfix confirmed


Dear Jakub, 

I used your command to make 100 nested directories in local file system and 
then I changed to the very last one without feeling slowdown. 
Then in the end of the tree I run command again to make 100 more nested 
directories. When I was approaching the end of this tree I felt what you 
described as slowdown around 170-th folder.

So the issue is there but fortunately most users have little chance to ever 
experience it. 

Hence I set severity to minor and tag it 'wontfix' for now, until there will 
be no more important issues to fix.

Please let me know if you think this issue must be prioritised.

Thank you.


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