[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#688075: bug#688075: mc 3:4.8.3-8 broke `~' directory completition

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at member.fsf.org
Sat Sep 22 14:06:08 UTC 2012

Dear Robert,

Thank you for clear description of problem.

> I belive this is connected with the following change:
>    new backported patch to fix "can't create or enter directory ~".

That is correct.

> There is no explanation what is the exact problem the backported
> patch tries to address (`cd ~' works fine in -7), but it clearly
> breaks existing functionality.

I don't know how patch description can be more clear regarding what does it 
do. It is fixing two serious problems:

 * when one can't create directory "~" using midnight-commander(!) i.e.
   by pressing F7 followed by "~". (Error: "File exists" because it tries
   to create $HOME instead)

 * when one can't enter directory named "~" (without quotes) using mc(!) i.e.
   by pointing cursor at directory "~" in file panel and pressing Enter.
   (directory incorrectly changes to user's home directory)

Example that you used ("cd ~") is not only incorrect as it is using shell (not 
mc) to change directory but also irrelevant because this behaviour was not 
affected in any way.

However you're right regarding path completion which is affected/broken for 
directories starting with ~.

> So either the patch was wrong or backporting was done incorrectly.

Patch works as expected and it is done properly as the behaviour matches 
latest released version of midnight commander.

Unfortunately what you're experiencing is a minor regression that upstream 
overlooked when they fixed a more serious problem.

I reported it upstream. Thank you for noticing.

> For that reason I'm setting the severity to serious just to
> prevent this broken version from entering testing.

I understand your frustration but I strongly disagree with bug severity.

At this time packages can enter testing only with approved request.
Nevertheless we have to choose between minor inconvenience and serious bugs.

Although maybe not as convenient as before it is still possible to use path 
completion on /home/username/

Clearly we should allow package to enter testing because fixing two serious 
bugs is still worth introducing minor regression.

Considering the above I'm lowering severity to minor.


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