[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#698936: Variation

Dominique Brazziel dbrazziel at snet.net
Tue Aug 13 01:58:18 UTC 2013

	In 3:4.8.5-1 there appears to be a variation on
the original problem.  The Delete (remove) operation
is successful, but when exiting mc (PF10), an abort happens
and core is dumped.  I did the following from 
gnome-terminal in my home directory:

1.  Touch junk
2.  mc
3.  Scroll down to highlight 'junk' in the left panel.
    I have the right panel set up to see file details.
    File ownership is 755 (my umask=022).
4.  Press PF8 to delete
5.  Reply "Yes" to the confirmation prompt.
6.  File deleted.
7.  PF10 
8.  Reply "Yes" to the confirmation prompt
9.  Abort (core dumped).  

mc process stays active and further mc operations are allowed, and
the next exit is successful.  However the xterm copy / paste is 
messed up, typing any characters at the bash prompt or trying to
highlight text in the window with the mouse causes what look like ANSI
sequences to be displayed.  After 'CTRL-U' to erase the characters,
but must do reset to recover xterm clipboard function.

At first glance it seems like a different problem but the reason
I think it is the same problem with a later manifestation of the
error is because deleting empty file is the common action that triggers
the abort.  Deleting files with data in them doesn't trigger the error,
neither does browsing files with data in them.

Attached is the core dump produced in this latest run.

The filesystem is ext4, everything is in one partition.
Mount information:

/dev/disk/by-uuid/34d845d6-948f-4571-b2f4-79d2b869efeb on / type ext4

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