[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#824359: Fwd: Bug#824359: mc: breaks paste in vte-based terminals

Egmont Koblinger egmont at gmail.com
Tue May 17 21:49:50 UTC 2016

> all terminals in Debian I'd call good currently use libvte9

This is quite subjective.

You might judge a terminal emulator by the "chrome" (the UI, menus, config
dialog, etc.) and then it's entirely up to your taste which one you prefer.

Or you might judge it by the actual terminal behavior. libvte9 gives you no
rewrap on resize, no italic, no true color, scrollback data stored
unencrypted on disk, couple of known segfaults, one known case of permanent
scrollback data corruption, a few intermittent display corruptions,
painfully slow processing of quickly arriving data, obsolete escape
sequences generated on keypresses, emulation errors: just to name a few of
those hundreds of issues that we've fixed since then in the gtk3 version.
No doubt that libvte-2.91 provides a way superior actual terminal emulation

> for the insanity of GTK3's vte, it's enough to look at the font selection

VTE does not provide any font selection dialog, it's up to the app.

As for the mc workaround, this might be a resonable thing to do, but be
aware that it'll only provide partial protection, e.g. probably won't
totally fix if you hide the mc panels with Ctrl+O (see mc bug 3207 for a
possible scenario).

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