[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#848238: Bug#848238: mc: "mc diacritics (locale) problem on Debian 8.6 (Jessie)"

Kepi debian at orthank.net
Sat Jan 7 19:42:12 UTC 2017


thanks for ideas, it was indeed problem in system profile configuration.
After going trough all configs I finally find the place which caused the
trouble (I'm working with #crysman).

As it manifested after upgrade to jessie we didn't realize that we
introudce new config at the same time. And we didn't check it back on wheezy.

We had old alias for mc in place for fixing problems with UTF in some
old Debian installations and it was merged into our new system profile.

Thanks again. This bug can be closed now - I'm not sure how to close bug
when it is "invalid".

Kind Regards,


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