[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Moderation

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Sun Nov 6 13:12:31 UTC 2005

Le Samedi 5 Novembre 2005 10:00, Filipus Klutiero a écrit :
> Oh and another thing, thanks for uploading 1.4.12, the packages were
> getting *so badly* outdated, with, I mean, *1.4.11* even 1 or 2 days
> after 1.4.12 released. Unless you consider that mediawiki wasn't even in
> Debian for years, and it could still be that way, but...bah!


Well, I don't consider packaging any application as a duty. You may be in deep 
need of it, but always remember this: debian work is based upon volontary 
work. Hence, since I am not paid to do it, I don't have any obligation to 
work ASAP. 
Also, debian work is open to anyone, so each time any one comes and say you 
should blabla, you did not blabla, well then the straight answer will be: 
'you do want it? Well you are free to do it..'

I did not receive your comment as an offense, but I wanted to make things 
On the 1.4.11 to 1.4.12, the thing is that we did the package immediatly after 
we had the news of the release, so I don't get your point very well.

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