[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Re: Comments regarding mediawiki1.6_1.6.2-1_i386.changes

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Mon Apr 24 18:43:26 UTC 2006

Le Lundi 24 Avril 2006 20:33, Marc Dequènes a écrit :
> Here is the plan:
>  - as the 1.5->1.6 upgrade is working fine, we should automatize the
>  upgrade procedure and ensure 1.5 would transition to 1.6, thus
>  rendering 1.5 obsolete
>  - when good packaging has been uploaded and migration has prooved to be
>  smooth, request the removal of 1.5
> 1.4 removal would certainly be harder. I hope popcon would show more
> people moving to latest version and we could then consider it unused. We
> should nevertheless consider testing 1.4->1.6 transition...

1.4->1.5 is tricky and both should be provided as long as popcon shows an 
important number of users.
Also, we have to provide a transition 1.4->1.6 in case we let only 1.4 and 

This also means to our users that they should make the transition to 1.5 

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