[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#382217: mediawiki1.5-doc

Dan Jacobson jidanni at jidanni.org
Wed Aug 9 14:36:24 UTC 2006

Package: mediawiki1.5
Version: 1.5.8-1
Severity: wishlist
File: /usr/share/doc/mediawiki1.5/docs/README

      For end user / administrators, most of the documentation
      is located online at:

But that means one cannot set up a standlone offline wiki or one on an
separate intranet.

Also the Help files at meta.wikimedia.org are a moving target, not
necessarily matching the Debian version.

So there needs to be a doc package added.

Actually two doc packages: one for the person installing the Debian
package, another for the wiki users so they can see Help:Help etc. files.

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