Bug#336241: [Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#336241: mediawiki: More than just a wish

romain beauxis romain at beauxis.org
Sat Jan 28 15:06:49 UTC 2006

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 15:46:32 -0500, grok wrote  
> Package: mediawiki  
> Followup-For: Bug #336241  
> Seems to me that putting off a major upstream release for  
> a half year or more is something beyond a mere wishlist item.  
> Aren't these things considered actual _bugs_ at this point?  
Yep this a bug and we are having concern with it..  
> And note that this problem is _exactly_ why someone has gone to  
> all the trouble of packaging an *unofficial* version of v1.5.x...  
Yep, what a positive message you are sending us..  
For now if the 1.5 branch is not yet in sid, it might be because we are  
taking care of the upgrade path which is not that easy.  
Then unless you only state some crticism without providing any offer for  
help, you are only making sarcasms... Furthermore if you point out the work  
of another packager that is not aimed at helping us..   
If you really dare to add it to sid, why don't you offer your help, ask for  
why it is not yet, or even what you can do with us: we are a team and it is  
not that difficult to try to collaborate and help with us, not making 
sarcartic statements.. 
And yea, I allready know you got good excuse for not helping us, don't waste 
your time saying it... 

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