[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Packaging mediawiki extentions

Sandro Tosi matrixhasu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 21:31:44 UTC 2006

> That's a good idea. We planned to work on this but core packages,
> transitions, and non-mediawiki work caught all our time. So if you're
> ready to help, even if not DD, we would be glad to receive your
> contribution :-).

Ehi, I'm here for that! :)

> >> extentions are php files, there are some problems with them? For sure
> >> they have to be released as GPL (or other licences that allow us to
> >> include them in debian); other that, do you see something else?
> Yes, the licence and copyright must be 1) clearly stated, 2) compatible
> with Debian DFSG, and 3) compatible with mediwiki's licence too.

That's the part where I'm weaker, and so where I'll need more help..

> You cannot assume this file is created, because a user may install both
> mediawiki and extensions at the same time and it is created later when
> the user uses the web interface.

Yes, that's the problem I had in mind.

> So, the right thing to do seems to add a code snipet into the generated
> LocalSettings.php to include a extension-specific configuration file
> (shipped or generated by the extensions) if it exists.

But where to add that snippet? LocalSettings.php is generated once
user configures wiki, that's done usually later installation phase.

I like the idea of a separate config file, lets say Extentions.php,
for (all? I think yes) extentions, where all include_once are placed,
and then include it inside LocalSettings.php, but the problem of
*when* to include it in LocalSettings.php remains.

What comes to mind now is:

1. patch config/index.php to include a
include_once(<extentions_config_file>) somewhere (giving a look to the
file, I think near around writeLocalSettings function, for example
where we do require_once( \"includes/DefaultSettings.php\" ); );

2. add a default (empty) <extentions_config_file> in mediawiki, to be
copied only if that file is  not present yet (when I --reinstall
mediawiki, I don't want that file to be overwritten);

3. every extentions package check if <extentions_config_file> exists:
if no, create an almost empty one, just <?php ?> tag. Then, add to
<extentions_config_file> require_once(<extentions>) or needed

> This is not really a problem. Packaging 1-3 files per package is not
> that interresting for users. I suggest we select well working and most
> used extensions and group them in a debian native package
> mediawiki-extensions, and less used ones in
> mediawiki-extensions-extra. Extensions too big or having embarrasing
> dependencies could stil be packaged separately.

mh, I think it will be good to package "small" extentions tematically,
one package to group up extentions about text highlighting, one other
for new special pages, etc.

And it seems a good idea package separatly "strange" extentions, for
example the one for include LaTeX syntax, since it requires tetex,
unusefull to install on every user pc...

> OK, we are mostly working on transitions (when some free time is
> available), but we could review it and include it in the official list

Ok, I'll start from GeSHi, the syntax highlighter, that seems big and
mature enough to worth a package on its own... what about?

> of packages of the team when mature enough (and you could perhaps enter
> the team if you are willing to help on the long term ;-).

Sure I'd like to be part of this group! :)

Thanks for your help,

Sandro Tosi (aka Morpheus, matrixhasu)
My (little) site: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/

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