[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#392966: mediawiki multisite setup request

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Sat Oct 14 14:01:58 UTC 2006

Le samedi 14 octobre 2006 15:24, Ivan A. Beveridge a écrit :
> Package: mediawiki
> Severity: wishlist
> I'm after installing mediawiki for multiple sites on a single server,
> akin to Romain's posting a year ago:
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-mediawiki-devel/2005-September
> >From a quick look it appears that the current software is not yet able
> to do this (which is surprising - I can't imagine this is a unique
> request) as it requires a changes to the mediawiki php config file
> (aside from the database, which is trivial obviously).
> Gallery v2 has this functionality built into the software, and the
> debian package for wordpress (blog) has this built into the package. On
> a "quick skim", the wordpress way seemed a nice solution to the problem
> - I don't know whether it is possible to apply this to mediawiki.


Gallery2 is made for multisite installation based on the the same php files, 
but mediawiki is not..
To sumarize things, there is an $INCLUDE variable somewhere, and it is not 
possible to trick this variable since it relies on system call for files.

But I have a nice solution: using fuse one can mount a mixed filesystem that 
looks at /usr/share/mediawiki1.x/ for all files expect some files listed as 
customizable, that are to be found anywhere else.

The resulting mount point gives a fully working multisite based on the same 
files. I have it working on my server for 3 wikis for few months. 

I wanted to upload this quickly, but I'm still stuck in the NM process and I 
wanted to wait to be a DD to have full upload right.. 
Anyway, we'll upload extensions soon, and I'll be working on packaging this 
soon after.

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