[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#387749: say how to have more than one mediawiki wiki on Debian

Dan Jacobson jidanni at jidanni.org
Sat Sep 16 12:23:06 UTC 2006

Package: mediawiki1.7
Version: 1.7.1-1
Severity: wishlist

Add instructions on setting up more than one mediawiki wiki on Debian GNU/Linux.

doesn't make the whole process clear, especially for Debian.

I made a /etc/apache2/conf.d/mediawikibus.conf and a
/var/lib/mediawikibus full of symlinks... didn't use more than a few
new kilobytes.

And be sure the maintenance/* scripts work separately. The user will
probably need a $PWD/Setup.php:
$wgDBname           = "taizhongbus";
$wgSitename         = "台中公車維基";
$wgScriptPath	    = "/mediawikibus";
$wgScript           = "$wgScriptPath/index.php";
$wgRedirectScript   = "$wgScriptPath/redirect.php";
$wgArticlePath      = "$wgScript/$1";
# $wgArticlePath      = "$wgScript?title=$1";
require_once( "$IP/includes/Setup.php" );

P.S., the message "Please delete the /config directory -
/var/lib/mediawiki1.7/config for normal install, custom for multisite
- for extra security." ... "custom for multisite"? not very clear English.

Also if he deletes the config dir, he will have a tough time copying
it to make a second wiki if he wants one later. Also why are there
security problems? One just gets the message the wiki is already configured.

Also in config/index.html,
	If the database user specified above does not exist, or does not have access to create
	the database (if needed) or tables within it, please provide details of a superuser account,
	such as <strong>root</strong>, which does. Leave the password set to <strong>-</strong> if this
	is not needed.

Please add:
        The root password will be used only once to create the
	database etc. and will not be stored anywhere on the system.

(if indeed true.)

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