Bug#384719: [Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#392966: mediawiki multisite setup request

Ivan A. Beveridge ivan at dreamtime.org
Sat Feb 3 14:04:41 CET 2007

Hi Romain,

Apologies for taking so long to finally get round to this.

On 15/10/2006 16:01, Romain Beauxis wrote:

> I'll be looking for any feedback, you can find the package there:
> http://www.rastageeks.org/~toots/mediawiki/
> There is a configuration example, and you have to take care of adding www-user 
> to fuse group, install and load fuse module, and make your own 
> selective-loopback.
> For instance, one of my config for mediawiki is:
> # Configuration for assoce wiki:
> USER=www-data
> MOUNT=mediawiki1.7
> ORIG=/usr/share/mediawiki1.7
> DIST=/var/lib/mediawiki-multi/mnt/rastageeks
> DIFF=/var/lib/mediawiki-multi/diff/rastageeks
> www-data must have write access to $DIST and $DIFF (which musy be created) and 
> be part on the fuse group.

I can't see (in the FUSE documentation) how to do the above. I
understand the methodology (a read-only filesystem and a read-write one)
but not how you are actually implementing it. I've done some searches
for "FUSE USER MOUNT ORIG" etc, but to no avail - I'm not sure whether
the above is a snippet of a config file or "pointers on what to do".

The closest I can find (to do this kind of thing) is one of:
* unionfs (which is apparently not recommended for production)
* aufs (which apparently is, but is not yet in debian)
* funionfs (in debian and uses FUSE)

Any suggestions/recommendations gratefully accepted.


P.S. It would be good to get 1.9.x into debian (and ubuntu) - the
current 1.7.x appears to be considered legacy.
Ivan Beveridge <ivan at dreamtime.org>

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