[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#415894: mediawiki1.7: Sensless debconf note

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Fri Mar 23 17:08:47 UTC 2007

Le vendredi 23 mars 2007 16:53, Helge Kreutzmann a écrit :
> > Yes, this is a typo..
> > I fear any debconf update would be pointless with current typo..
> Why? As I see from your next message, only one string (a directory
> name) changed, which you probably could even unfuzzy yourself, but
> that this is also no problem for me to check (if in doubt, send it to
> the translator).

Hey, I received a great message from bubulle to handle this kind of situation, 
so it was a good test case to try po-debconf utilities :)

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