[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] MediaWiki Farm (MWF) work

Jan "Saruman!" S. jan at saruman.biz
Tue Mar 10 19:55:32 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Question: is there any interest in a solution that enables wikifarming 
on Debian mediawiki?

Offer: I've now got software (some basic bash scripts and a small PHP 
module), procedures (openoffice rough outline), knowledge of - and 
experience in - how to create and run a wikifarm from Debian MediaWiki. 
I'd like to share that, to individuals and/or to someone willing to turn 
it into a debian package.

Specifications: the solution enables multiple wiki instances on multiple 
virtual hosts, with a shared code base (original mediawiki package code 
base) and a shared extensions code base (both debian packaged extensions 
and third partie extensions); each instance can have its own extensions 
(from that shared code base) enabled/disabled, each instance may have 
its own database and own configuration. Most tasks in creating and 
managing instances is already scripted in commands, some minor tasks are 
slated for scripting next weekend.

Background: for years I've been running a simple Debian server at home, 
serving me in lots of ways, and I've kept adding functionality over 
time. I've started running MediaWiki, but recently I found myself 
hosting four different sites, all of which needed their own wiki. Thus I 
had a great need for a wikifarm. I've looked in lots of places, e.g. 
http://www.jirp.nl/2008/04/11/mediawiki-farm-multiple-wiki/ but found 
out that all the articles either offered solutions I didn't want, or no 
solutions at all. So I came to develop a wikifarm solution on top of 
Debian MediaWiki (Lenny version) that needs no adaptation of the 
MediaWiki package files and honours Debian's way of configuration and 
Yesterday I found myself creating commands like mwfextls (listing 
extensions enabled for wiki instances or available to all wikifarm 
instances) and mwfenextmwfdisext (which enable and disable extensions 
for individual wiki instances) and I realized that I've done most of the 
groundwork for a new Debian package, which could be named 
mediawiki-wikifarm or similar. Note: the solution is only tested on one 
test server and one production server.

Individual interest/comments: you can mail me offlist at address 
mediawiki  at saruman dot biz

Developing a package: if anyone is interested, and would take it on 
him/herself to create and maintain a Debian package for wikifarming: I'd 
love to help extend and maintain Debian's functionality.

Jan Schoonderbeek
"I'm a stream of noughts and crosses in your R.A.M."

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