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  to main/m/mediawiki-extensions/mediawiki-extensions-base_2.3_all.deb
(new) mediawiki-extensions-collection_2.3_all.deb optional web
Extensions for MediaWiki -- Collection extension
 This package provides the mediawiki extensions for
 creating books using collections of pages.
 This extension is set for the Debian mediawiki
 package, but it may also be used separately.
  to main/m/mediawiki-extensions/mediawiki-extensions-confirmedit_2.3_all.deb
  to main/m/mediawiki-extensions/mediawiki-extensions-fckeditor_2.3_all.deb
  to main/m/mediawiki-extensions/mediawiki-extensions-geshi_2.3_all.deb
(new) mediawiki-extensions-graphviz_2.3_all.deb optional web
Extensions for MediaWiki -- GraphViz extension
 This package provides the mediawiki extension for
 creating drawings out of graphviz source files.
 This extension is set for the Debian mediawiki
 package, but it may also be used separately.
  to main/m/mediawiki-extensions/mediawiki-extensions-ldapauth_2.3_all.deb
  to main/m/mediawiki-extensions/mediawiki-extensions-openid_2.3_all.deb
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  to main/m/mediawiki-extensions/mediawiki-extensions_2.3_all.deb
Changes: mediawiki-extensions (2.3) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/control: add Vcs-SVN and Vcs-Browser
  * debian/copyright: correct FCKeditor author information
  * debian/control: add myself to Uploaders
  * Upgrade the following extensions:
    - FCKeditor (FCKeditorEditPage.body.php)
  * Add the following extensions:
    - Collection (separate package due to dependencies)
    - CreateBox (Closes: #539371)
    - GraphViz (separate package due to dependencies)
    - ImageMap
    - LanguageSelector
    - NewUserNotif (LP: #372924)
    - News
    - Polyglot
    - RSS_Reader
  * debian/copyright: add information for new extensions
  * Remove all mentions of SpecialLastUserLogin because
    it is not included (any more?) in the package
  * Make buggy extensions (CreateBox, FootNote, LanguageSelector,
    NewestPages, RSS_Reader) work and PHP 5.3 compatible by patching
  * Replace embedded JQuery and JQueryUI code copies from
    Collection with links to the Debian packages thereof
  * Bump Standards-Version to
    - use Breaks instead of Conflicts (splitting package, §7.4)
  * Fix Lintian warnings
  * Correct path to the dot command in GraphViz extension
  * Remove unused install.settings file

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mediawiki-extensions-geshi_2.3_all.deb - optional web
mediawiki-extensions-ldapauth_2.3_all.deb - optional web
mediawiki-extensions-openid_2.3_all.deb - optional web
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