[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#579822: php 5.3 issues in MediaWiki extensions

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sat Jul 17 15:53:21 UTC 2010

Hi again!

After some more digging, I found this:

┌──┤ Anyway here is reprinted for you what Skizzerz wrote:
│PHP 5.3 and extensions
│Many users have been reporting errors with an error message
│"Detected bug in an extension! Hook xxxxxxx failed to return a
│value; should return true to continue hook processing or false to
│For many extensions, especially those marked as "stable" on their
│extension page on mediawiki.org, the real reason behind this error
│is a lot trickier.
│[…]the real issue is that PHP 5.3 […] is much more strict about
│certain things than PHP 5.2 is. Therefore, in order to fix this
│error, we need to modify the extension code so that PHP 5.3 no
│longer complains about it.
│1. Figure out which hook is breaking. This is mentioned in the
│error message (Hook xxxxxxx).
│2. Find the manual page on that hook in mediawiki.org. You can get
│there either via a search or by directly modifying this URL:
│3. […]What you do need to know is contained in the infobox of that
│manual page. The very first block of code is labeled "Define
│function:". You will notice inside of the parenthesis many things
│in bold. Take note that some of these in the list start with $ and
│others start with &$. Write down the positions of each one (for
│example: 1 is $, 2 is $, 3 is $, 4 is &$, and 5 is $).
│4. [edit extension…] Near the top of the extension file there
│should be a line or more saying $wgHooks["Xxxxxxx"][] = "yyyyyyy".
│Find the line that corresponds to the hook you are having issues
│with, and then note what the yyyyyyy is.
│5. Search for "function yyyyyyy" inside of the extension files (it
│might not be in the same one). You will notice that it also has
│parenthesis after it and a few things beginning with $ and &$
│inside of the parenthesis. Match what you wrote down earlier with
│these (for example, the ones inside of the parenthesis might be: 1
│is $, 2 is $, 3 is $, 4 is &$, and 5 is &$). In this fictional
│example, you will notice that the 5th one in the list on the
│manual page is just $, yet the 5th one here is &$.
│6. Change all of them to match what it says on the manual page, so
│in the example above the 5th would would become $.

This looks to me like follows: PHP functions can be defined with
an API (by-value vs. by-reference), which has been possible but
not enforced by PHP <= 5.2 but is now enforced. Many extensions
have been sloppy in adhering to the API, and your fix_579822.patch
seems to do the right thing. (Please correct me if I’m wrong).

However, there are two things I don’t understand either: first,
the excerpt goes on like this:

│Please note that the necessity of this hack is only temporary. The
│developers are working on correcting all of these issues with PHP
│5.3 so that future upgrades do not require any editing of
│extension files. If you are not comfortable with editing extension
│files, then simply uninstall the extension and wait for its next
│upgrade, which should contain the fix(es) mentioned above.

Second, you already wrote “Also, if this a a real fix, why is it not
commited in the sources then ?” which I was wondering as well.

Maybe we should get some of the MediaWiki developers to shed insight
on this not in a web forum or somesuch but from a more professional
setting (IRC, mailing list?) – or the PHP developers. Somewhere ought
to be some definitive statement on this, no?

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