[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] [php-geshi] New Upstream Release

Benny Baumann BenBE at geshi.org
Mon May 24 19:22:32 UTC 2010

Hi guys,

please package the recent GeSHi release.
And since you skipped about half a year:
http://qbnz.com/highlighter/news.php?id=126 (
http://qbnz.com/highlighter/news.php?id=125 (
http://qbnz.com/highlighter/news.php?id=124 (

For any questions, just ask.

Well, two some other points I just noticed:
Regarding the following issue:
Only one particular release was vulnerable (, more details on
my blog at http://blog.benny-baumann.de/ (and follow-ups). Thus
is not affected by the XML problem. So please close that one already ;-)

And as we are with oldstable:
WHY hasn't this been patched for oldstable after about two years. The
patch I did for this (and supplied downstream) applies to all previous
versions without problems as that function hasn't been touched in ages.


Note: I'm not subscribed, thus please CC on answers. TIA.

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