[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Where find more info of MediaWiki in Debian

Claudio F Filho filhocf at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 18:36:31 UTC 2011


I am trying to build a pkg of mediawiki 1.17.0 and found in the SVN a 
debian/ directory. Looking inside it, i understood how start the 
process, but i don't know why i can't get a final pkg.

What i did was get the mediawiki-1.17.0.tar.gz from mediawiki.org, and 
extracted it. Inside of mediawiki-1.17.0 directory i copied the checkout 
from svn and changed some lines in debian/rules, getting a final 
process, but without a .deb.

So, i wish know where i can send the diff and result of my build or 
where have a "experimental" pkg, and  where i can find more info about 
the pkg system of mediawiki in Debian.

Thanks in advanced,

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