[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] MediaWiki patches in Debian.

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at tarent.de
Mon Jun 11 13:02:58 UTC 2012

On Mon, 11 Jun 2012, Mark A. Hershberger wrote:

> In order to help this collaboration -- and in recognition of my own
> knowledge gaps when it comes to MW code -- I'm adding wikitech-l to the
> CC list. (Original message is here:
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-mediawiki-devel/2012-June/002008.html)

Adding Roland too, he wrote the one part of the patch.

> > +    - includes/specials/SpecialAllpages.php:
> > +      raise $maxPerPage, $maxLineCount

> Could you help me understand the changes the rational for increasing
> maxPerPage and maxLineCount by two orders of magnitude?  Is there any
> benefit to showing 30,000 pages on an index sub-page?

Yes, getting all pages displayed on one page, so one can both search
more easily and copy/paste them into the Special:Export field. I used
an arbitrary number big enough for our various Wiki movements/migrations.

> > +  [ Roland Mas ]
> > +  * debian/patches/tarent.patch: add workaround for search bug

> Has this been passed upstream?  It looks like the version check should
> be removed.

I’ll hand off this question to Roland.

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