[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] [MediaWiki-announce] MediaWiki 1.19.0 released

Sam Reed reedy at wikimedia.org
Wed May 2 14:33:54 UTC 2012

I'm happy to announce the availability of the first stable release
of the new MediaWiki 1.19 release series.

MediaWiki 1.19 is a large release that contains many new features and bug
fixes. This is a summary of the major changes of interest to users.
You can consult the RELEASE-NOTES-1.19 file for the full list of changes in
this version.

Our thanks go to everyone who helped to improve MediaWiki by testing the
release and submitting bug reports.

                             What's new?

MediaWiki 1.19 brings the usual host of various bugfixes and new features.

Comprehensive list of what's new is in the release notes.

* Bumped MySQL version requirement to 5.0.2.
* Disable the partial HTML and MathML rendering options for Math,
  and render as PNG by  default.
  * MathML mode was so incomplete most people thought it simply didn't work.
* New skins/common/*.css files usable by skins instead of having to copy
piles of
  generic styles from MonoBook or Vector's css.
* The default user signature now contains a talk link in addition to the
user link.
* Searching blocked usernames in block log is now clearer.
* Better timezone recognition in user preferences.
* Extensions can now participate in the extraction of titles from URL paths.
* The command-line installer supports various RDBMSes better.
* The interwiki links table can now be accessed also when the interwiki
  is used (used in the API and the Interwiki extension).

- --------------------
* More gender support (for instance in user lists).
* Add languages: Canadian English.
* Language converter improved, e.g. it now works depending on the page
  content language.
* Time and number-formatting magic words also now depend on the page
  content language.
* Bidirectional support further improved after 1.18.

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