[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#694114: $wgLDAPAuthAttribute is broken in LDAP authentication extension 2.0a

Patrick Näf herzbube at herzbube.ch
Sat Nov 24 01:51:50 UTC 2012

Package: mediawiki-extensions
Version: 2.9

In the currently packaged version (2.0a) of the LDAP authentication 
extension, the configuration option $wgLDAPAuthAttribute does not work 
as intended. The intent is that an LDAP search can be used for this 
option, but the current implementation in the module merely checks for 
the presence of the attribute (not even its value).

This is a bug that was introduced upstream at some time, but apparently 
has been fixed in the meantime. A discussion related to the problem is 
I checked out the code of the current upstream release 2.0c, and it 
appears that the implementation has indeed been fixed: 

Please update the mediawiki-extensions package to use the latest 
upstream release of the LDAP authentication extension. Not only is 
$wgLDAPAuthAttribute pretty much useless in the currently packaged 
version 2.0a, more important is that someone who uses the option and is 
upgrading to 2.0a will break his or her Mediawiki installation since 
login is no longer possible.

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