[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] [MediaWiki-distributors] On packaging Mediawiki 1.23 for Debian jessie

Mark A. Hershberger mah at nichework.com
Mon Oct 6 12:38:49 UTC 2014

> This means that, once I prepare new packages (starting in
> experimental, I think), I will need volunteer testing and feedback,
> from admins as well as actual users. We are on a very tight timeframe,
> and I wish to have this all finished within the next 28 days, starting
> Monday.

I'm willing to help test if it will help get MW 1.23 into Jessie.

> Failure to do so will mean shipping Mediawiki 1.19 in jessie, which is
> currently upstream’s oldstable and fading LTS. Mediawiki 1.23 is
> upstream’s current LTS; we have an agreement from upstream to support
> 1.19 for the lifetime of wheezy, and I guess they’d be willing to
> extend the same for 1.23 and jessie, but I’d not want to ask them to
> do that for 1.19.

Right.  I wouldn't like to be stuck supporting 1.19 in Jessie.  I don't
think that is something we can agree to.

> The delivery of the security updates from upstream to Debian (both
> stable and unstable) has been good so far, [...] so it’s been
> productive.

I'm glad to hear this.

> If anyone’s got a rough overview of what changed between
> 1.19 and 1.23 for/from a packager’s PoV, thank you for pointing it out
> to me.

I'll try to put together a list this week.

> I’m not formally the maintainer of src:mediawiki [but] I’m willing to
> step forward and do my share of the work.

Thank you!

Mark A. Hershberger
NicheWork LLC

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