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Chad innocentkiller at gmail.com
Mon May 25 14:29:37 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce the availability of the first stable release of the
new MediaWiki 1.25 series.

MediaWiki 1.25 is a large release that contains many new features and bug
fixes. This is a summary of the major changes of interest to users. You can
consult the RELEASE-NOTES-1.25 file for the full list of changes in this

Our thanks to everyone who helped to improve MediaWiki by testing the
release candidates and submitting bug reports.

== What's new for users? ==
MediaWiki 1.25 includes all changes released in the smaller 1.25wmf*
software deployments to Wikimedia sites over six months, totaling
approximately 2200 changes.

* Indicators – Templates that add icons to the top right corner of the page
(and more) can be updated to use the new page status indicators feature.

* Enhanced recent changes – MediaWiki now uses by default the extended
watchlist and so called enhanced recent changes (preference "Group changes
by page in recent changes and watchlist"), which also received several
improvements in MediaWiki 1.24 and 1.25 (task 37785). This means that
Special:RecentChanges and Special:Watchlist show all the changes to each
page in a given day, sorted by page rather than chronologically. Changes to
each page are collapsed by default and a compact overview is shown, with
links to collated diffs and counts of each user's actions. Full activity
for an individual page can then be shown with a single click. Users will no
longer need to know in detail how a single change was chosen for display in
order to figure out what else may have happened to the page that day, nor
to scan a long list of non-contiguous lines on the screen in order to get a
complete picture. The change is part of MediaWiki's evolution towards an
interface which is more discoverable and less cluttered by default, while
equally easy to quickly access in full, with the help of JavaScript.
However, the (grouped) layout is an improvement for non-JavaScript users as

* Live preview – While editing, you're not sure what a wikitext syntax will
produce? That's no longer a problem, now that live preview is no longer
experimental. By enabling the feature in your preferences, MediaWiki will
display the effect of your edits without fully reloading the page, so that
you can quickly correct any mistake.

* Import – The import tool is now much easier to use on content from a wiki
which has different namespaces than yours (e.g. because it's in another

* Internationalization – In logging and gender support, continuing the work
in MediaWiki 1.18 and 1.19, multiple log types of Special:Log have been
migrated to the new logging system, which allows full internationalization
including word order and grammatical gender. The migration continues. See
task T26620 for a list.

Locales – The following locales have been added: अवधी, بلوچی رخشانی and
Koyraboro Senni.

* API documentation is localized and easier to access through

== What's new for system administrators? ==
* PHP 5.3.3 is now required (from 5.3.2)
* Extensions and skins are now loaded through a new registration system
* Profiling was completely overhauled to use the xhprof module.

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-Chad Horohoe, MW Release Manager
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