[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Future of this list and moving off of alioth

Kunal Mehta legoktm at member.fsf.org
Mon Jan 29 04:43:00 UTC 2018


In preparation for the alioth.debian.org service going away, I have
imported and moved the git repositories for php-luasandbox, wikidiff2,
and mediawiki-math to salsa.debian.org[1]. If you'd like access, please
let me know. mediawiki itself will continue to remain on Wikimedia
Gerrit for the time being.

Given that no real discussion happens on this list, I have set up a team
within tracker.debian.org[2], which should get all of the relevant
notifications that this list used to. I think we can let this list die
whenever alioth does.

The accompanying pkg-mediawiki-commits mailing list should be fully
replaced by salsa's subscription features.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/mediawiki-team/
[2] https://tracker.debian.org/teams/mediawiki-team/

-- Kunal / Legoktm

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