[Pkg-mongodb-maintainers] [pkg-mongodb] annotated tag debian/1%2.6.12-1 created (now 3ebc045)

Apollon Oikonomopoulos apoikos at moszumanska.debian.org
Thu Dec 15 10:45:46 UTC 2016

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apoikos pushed a change to annotated tag debian/1%2.6.12-1
in repository pkg-mongodb.

        at  3ebc045   (tag)
   tagging  46341de581b1ea5a87dd1fe5ad462157252c2828 (commit)
  replaces  debian/2.4.14-3
 tagged by  Apollon Oikonomopoulos
        on  Wed Jul 13 15:33:29 2016 +0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
mongodb Debian release 1:2.6.12-1
Version: GnuPG v1


Apollon Oikonomopoulos (66):
      Imported Upstream version 2.6.11
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.6.11' into master-2.6
      Drop patches merged upstream
      Refresh patches
      d/rules: use a dedicated override for dh_systemd_enable
      tests: update basic1.js' location
      Replace no-unused-variable.patch with Ubuntu's version
      mongodb.service: specify RuntimeDirectory
      Remove mongodb maintainer scripts
      Remove duplicate manpages
      Drop mongodb's init.d
      Remove buildscripts/emr/lib/hadoop-core-
      Drop echo from mongodb-server.prerm
      Remove lintian overrides
      Drop dirs
      Use system yaml
      d/control: remove ancient g++ B-D
      d/control: remove XS-Testsuite
      Add option to disable scripting
      Enable arm64 build
      Use tcmalloc on supported architectures
      Enable ppc64el build (w/o javascript)
      Drop 0010-fix-integer-signs.patch
      Drop 0009-ignore-unused-local-typedefs.patch
      Drop 0007-Use-TIME_UTC_-macro.patch
      Drop the mongodb-dev package
      Lower libbost-dev B-D to (>> 1.50)
      Remove B-D version restriction for libsnappy-dev
      Add source package lintian overrides
      Pass CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS to the compiler
      d/rules: pass --use-system-all to scons
      d/rules: pass nostrip to scons
      d/rules: honour nocheck build option
      Remove unused mongodb-clients lintian overrides
      d/control: move adduser from Pre-Depends to Depends
      tests: depend on netcat, used by the mongo-client test
      postinst: do not create the runtime directory
      systemd: specify the runtime directory mode
      systemd: initscript parity
      Add NEWS entry with hints about the upgrade to 2.6
      d/watch: check for 2.6 stable releases
      d/copyright: convert to Format 1.0
      Generate dbgsym packages by default
      d/rules: use dh_install --list-missing
      fixup! d/rules: honour nocheck build option
      Use debian/clean and override dh_auto_clean
      d/rules: lint: use filter instead of findstring
      Drop mongodb-server.{prerm,postrm}
      mongodb-server.dirs: remove etc and usr/bin
      postinst: refactor user creation
      Drop README.Debian and arch notice from mongodb-server
      Drop mongodb-clients.dirs
      postinst: fix directory permission handling
      Drop mongodb.upstrart
      upstart: create /var/run/mongodb
      Bump standards to 3.9.7; no changes needed
      d/control: use HTTPS for all URLs
      Add myself to Uploaders
      lint: /var/run -> /run
      Update changelog
      Fix FTBFS with GCC6
      Bump standards to 3.9.8; no changes needed
      Imported Upstream version 2.6.12
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.6.12'
      Refresh hardened-build.patch
      Release 2.6.12-1

Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) (3):
      shell/utils.js long lines lintian override
      Add Apollon to copyright
      Upload as 1:2.6.11-1


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