[Pkg-mono-devel] Mono Beta 1 Suite Upload

Mirco 'meebey' Bauer mail@meebey.net
Mon, 31 May 2004 14:58:33 +0200

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Hi all,

this morning (~3:00 AM GMT+1) all current package versions are uploaded
to the debian archive!

mono 0.91
mcs 0.91
gtk-sharp 0.91.1
monodoc 0.15
gecko-sharp 0.3
gtksourceview-sharp 0.2
monodevelop 0.3

Now comes information for debian package maintainers:
There are many changes in library package namings (see MonoConventions:
http://wiki.debian.net/?MonoConventions for details)

Basicly all library packages have now the name libXXX-cil, e.g.
Also each gtk-sharp package has now a provide name for libraries that
are included in 1 package, for example libgtk-cil package contains also
the pango libs, means libgtk-cil provides libpango-cil etc (include this
in your package dependecies, no version number though!).

About versions and .NET libraries, currently there is NO clean solution,
even with the GAC...
To avoid problems with incompatible libraries, we need to check on
upstream version number.
Means, if you compile your program against Gtk# 0.91.1 then you MUST add
the dependency: libgtk-cil (>=3D 0.91.1), libgtk-cil (<< 0.92).
If you don't add this version check, on the next Gtk# release your
program/package will BREAK.

To all debian package maintainers: please update your dependencies!


PS: I hope we get the packages in soon, because of new namings etc they
are of course int the NEW queue... you can always grab the packages for
testing though from incoming!

Mirco Bauer aka meebey

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