[Pkg-mono-devel] RE: No application found for /aspnet/

Bas Delfos b.delfos@wanadoo.nl
Fri, 4 Feb 2005 20:08:04 +0100


I found the solution!!
The problem was that the following line was missing in the

MonoApplications "/aspnet:/var/www/aspnet"

After restarting Apache2 the problem was solved.

/etc/mono-server/mono-server-hosts.conf now looks like this:
<IfModule mod_mono.c>
  MonoUnixSocket /tmp/.mod_mono_server
  MonoServerPath /usr/share/dotnet/bin/mod-mono-server.exe
  AddType application/x-asp-net .aspx .ashx .asmx .ascx .asax .config .ascx
  MonoApplicationsConfigDir /etc/mono-server
  MonoPath /usr/share/dotnet/lib:/usr/lib:
  MonoApplications "/aspnet:/var/www/aspnet"
# start /etc/mono-server/conf.d/aspnet/10_aspnet
     Alias /aspnet "/var/www/aspnet"
       <Directory /var/www/aspnet>
         SetHandler mono
           <IfModule mod_dir.c>
              DirectoryIndex index.aspx
# end /etc/mono-server/conf.d/aspnet/10_aspnet


Van: Bas Delfos [mailto:b.delfos@wanadoo.nl] 
Verzonden: donderdag 3 februari 2005 22:31
Aan: 'pkg-mono-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org'
Onderwerp: No application found for /aspnet/

I have installed mod_mono on Apache2 (Sarge).
Did all the instructions as on the page, but get an "The page cannot be
found" error in my browser when I navigate to the index.aspx.
In my apache2 log i found the following error: No application found for
Anyone know a solution?