[Pkg-mono-devel] Experimental gtk-sharp2 unstable packages

Dave Beckett dave@dajobe.org
Sat, 26 Feb 2005 23:16:58 +0000

I've been packaging these for some time in order that Muine could build
against them.  As discussed on #debian-mono, I've now renamed the source
package to gtk-sharp2-unstable and added the "unstable" word liberally
across the descriptions to give hints to people.   I was thinking of
uploading these to experimental in a day or two unless there are some
particular problems.  Later on if/when it gets accepted to the archive,
it could migrate into a gtk-sharp2 source package name when the stable
2.0.0 release happens.

The packages are at http://download.dajobe.org/debian/experimental/