[Pkg-mono-svn-commits] revision 142

Pablo Fischer pabl0-guest@quantz.debian.org
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 06:19:25 +0100

Repository changes in pkg-mono:

By: pabl0-guest
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 06:19:25 +0100
A   xsp-snapshot/
A   xsp-snapshot/branches/
A   xsp-snapshot/tags/
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/README.Debian
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/TODO
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/asp.net-examples-snapshot.dirs
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/asp.net-examples-snapshot.menu
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/asp.net-examples-snapshot.postinst
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/asp.net-examples-snapshot.prerm
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/changelog
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/control
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/copyright
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/default-mono-server-snapshot
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/dirs
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/mono-server-service
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/mono-server-snapshot.dirs
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/mono-server-snapshot.files
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/mono-server-snapshot.postinst
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/rules
A   xsp-snapshot/trunk/debian/web.config
The trunk for the xsp-snapshot, it currently works for official an previous version

Modified: xsp/trunk/debian/TODO
--- xsp/trunk/debian/TODO	2004-01-27 11:15:26 UTC (rev 138)
+++ xsp/trunk/debian/TODO	2004-01-27 19:14:14 UTC (rev 139)
@@ -1,2 +1,9 @@
 TODO: write an init script with /etc/defaults/mono-xsp where we provide
 similar mapping to boa or apache. See xsp --help.
+extend xsp to work as full httpd replacement (look at boa features).
+ * dir listing
+ * returning "Location: foo/" if URL was "foo" and foo is a dir
+ * executing CGI scripts as www-data (note: Process.StartInfo... uses an
+   incomplete class to sore environment variables. Must be fixed first)