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Sebastian Dröge sebastian.droege at collabora.co.uk
Fri May 1 13:22:06 UTC 2009

The annotated tag, 2.0.1-6 has been created
        at  28cdae18e8d7c61a147b5e52fb68b33723942dcb (tag)
   tagging  c1ff7dfcb81c64a10ae41b281a2927c6711fc587 (commit)
  replaces  2.0.1
 tagged by  Sebastian Dröge
        on  Fri May 1 15:22:02 2009 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 2.0.1-6
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Dylan R. E. Moonfire (5):
      These are the two proposed files for the late GAC install script
      Updated the script to use /usr/share/cli-common.
      We need to use the full path when/if /usr/bin/gacutil becomes an
      Fancy indent not needed if we don't show feedback from this script.
      Got the mono-gac package to set up the late-GAC installer

Eduard Bloch (129):
      Installing original source version
      Forking to Trunk
      Load newtrunk into mono/trunk.
      Fixing debian/rules permissions
      Descriptions and new package names, preversion
      Polishing, proper target sections
      The wrapper is not the best idea, it uses $0 and will fail for apps in
      moved some description updates to msc
      New changelog entry
      ICU is need for build, build-deps adjusted
      Detector included, copyright file adopted
      copyright typo fix, changelog changed to the latest daily, icu build-dep
      file renames following control; mono-common is the first package in
      argh, something duplicated
      todo stuff, fixed reverse dependencies
      shlibs stuff, libmint and libmono files, typo fixes and conflicts in
      Gna, shlibs.in files forgotten
      Eeks, stupid think-o in shlibs.in files
      Subsitute hook fixed, storing files under the target filename too.
      fixed the hook again, fixed the Arch line of libmint* in control
      shlibs fixes
      lintian overrides, but does not work somehow
      Described changes in changelog
      Mooh, how to fix that weird shared-memory messages
      Provisorik naming policy, fixed the arch list (s/,/ /)
      Alternative dependecies between -dev, otherwise libmint was installed
      * Adapted the /usr/share/doc/mono-interpreter (now -mint) fixing hooks
      Making changelog ready for release
      new changelog entry
      Updated todo list
      Close the old itp
      Fixed ML address
      Kick libmint stuff
      Adjusting Conflicts/Depends after libmint removal
      Following hints of Paolo Molaro:
      Adding the manpages of mcs utils to the mono-utils package. Not the
      Documented it...
      remove the manpages again, they better go to mcs itself
      copy it
      Copy the -base files list
      It sucks. Simply sucks. Reverted the version to the daily of 14.01
      Err, mono-mint should conflict with libmint*
      icu-config added, note in changelog, note in README.Debian removed,
      Added testing 0.30pre2 version string (lower than the current one). It
      Install my binary wrapper for .EXEs, to use instead of shell wrappers
      preparing final 0.29 release
      Damn, forgot the actual config file
      Libtool to build-deps, fixes the "ize" bug
      Perl hook to fix sonames
      Eh, the commits mails are at least good to notice the own mistakes
      The release preview. Test it, damn...
      My personal todo favorite
      "Improved" cli-wrapper
      0.30 preparation
      Ehm, I need glib for the wrapper
      Updated infos, included policy, better document structure
      Since cli-common may be the only one installed virtual package,
      Document cli-common conflict
      Sync mono with my preview branch
      Added a patch for configure.in to use non-supported architectures
      + debian/control: limit all arch lists to those really supported by the
      * New upstream release
      Rewrote parts of cli-wrapper to set MONO_PATH as needed
      changed to use usdl path as the last one
      Fixed cli-wrapper, exporting mono_path and not segfaulting in corner
      changelog to 0.31
      Version fixes, gobject-2 added to the map
      Typos fix, hppa patch
      -02 update with kernel detection override and minor updates
      Final changelog
      Pointer to our group web site
      Lib version trough version provides
      monosn no longer installed by Makefile for some reason, work around with cp
      Doing the same for mono-assemblies and using a proper way to pass
      Actually, this hook needed for Arch: any packages too
      Upgrade to beta2 and version provides
      Preinst to move /usr/lib/mono *directory* around
      Rename to dotnetdeps
      Almost working versions of dh_tools
      Integration into mono-utils, first manpage for dh_make...
      shlibs from .config parsing and including
      Manpages fixes, tool almost ready.
      mono vs. mint check at build time
      Ehm, forgot something
      Fix a small glitch (cosmetic, debug stuff)
      Fixes, dupes filter for dependencies
      The -r auto guessing option
      Installing dh_installxsp in mono-utils
      Code optimisation (only read *.shlibs when needed) and additional
      Cheat code in dh_netdebs - dupes removal after shlib:Depends
      Better logics - the native shlibs dependency now moved completely to the
      Actually enable the extra .config checks
      mono beta3 update
      Cosmetical, (more) care whether the substvars file was really opened
      Jackson's patch to make monodis not segfault, and dh_netdeps hacks to
      Enabled Jackson's patch
      Only print this warning with verbose flag
      Preluminary NEWS file
      no-mono-jit-deps option for dh_netdeps
      Call the option -r for Relaxed Dependency
      Conventions update
      Don't set any dependency on mono with -r
      Dont't write crap into .netlibs from checks of unsigned files (fixes
      dh_installxsp now also specify a substvar variable to get a dependency
      Updading changelogs to final
      - remove obsolete and autogenerated docs
      More cleanups, Ackermann works again
      mono rc1 update
      Version fix, dependencies fix, it works with those from 0.96
      Moved .files to .install
      Finalizing changelog and fixed the ...Helper removal
      Update to 1.0 version
      Releasing mono now, now reason to wait anymore looking at the mass of
      FTBFS workarounds for s390, arm, alpha
      Workarounds for monodis problems
      Sorry people, I fucked it up...
      The ntpl problem "solved" by disabling it
      Added the library linker patch
      Better changelog message and finalizing the changelog for 1.0-4
      New mono release, 1.0.1
      Added the upstream/debian mixture fuckup/solution note to README.Debian
      The ntpl option name has changed
      Lintian cleanups: bashisms, deleting rpath with chrpath
      Changelog comment

Jo Shields (9):
      1.9.1+dfsg-4 commit - 6 bugs closed, incl two CVE's
      Clean up changelog
      Some silly bugger needs to check their dpatches:
      libcupsys2-dev died in cups 1.3.7-6. Use | in build-dep to ensure easy backporting to Lenny (& Hardy)
      Fix armel FTBFS on glibc 2.8
      Fix for Muine FTBFS (https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=434892)
      Make #507297 less of a problem by throwing warning rather than exception on funny network interfaces
      You didn't see this *cough*
      [ Jo Shields ]

Michael Schiansky (1):
      closing #241686

Mirco Bauer (248):
      - changed package name suggestion (which was discussed on #debian-mono)
      - changed arch list.
      - added a task for me, I wanna also package some ;)
      - changed description of mono-jit, it's more than an interpreter!
      - removed "-" from the $(MAKE) calls inside the if[] shell, it's not a make shell.
      - new file
      - documentated supported architectures in README.Debian
      - updated
      - changed email address back to mail at meebey.net I will fix that someday, but
      - added s390 to mono-jit, libmono0, libmono-dev architectures
      - set priority lower for mono if !i386 OR !s390 (jit runs unstable on PPC yet)
      - if build arch is sparc, don't compile jit
      - updated
      - fixed architecture check (thanks to Salz for the note)
      - wrong package, they shouldn't be here ;)
      - updated
      - moved to mono-mint package
      - first import
      - not needed anymore mint libs moved to mono-mint package
      - this goes to the mcs source package, not here
      - updated conflicts for 0.91 release
      - removed dpatches for now
      - cosmetics
      - added monosn to package description
      - undocumentated manpage for monosn
      - added cil-opcodes.xml
      - updated manpages
      - added /usr/bin/pedump /usr/bin/monosn
      - converted to utf8
      - spelling fix
      - added .wapi directory hack
      - proper dll map, soon not required anymore, programs can ship own dllmaps (libs maybe too?)
      - added dllmap hook
      - bumped pre version number
      - mono-jit for ppc is back (now with more stability)
      - removed set jit lower priority, the package was never released
      - added libglib2.0-dev to libmono-dev deps (mono.pc references it) thanks to Michel Dänzer!
      - updated
      - enabled preview option
      - first import
      - fixed trailing line
      - added dpkg-dev dependency for update-alternatives checks
      - upsy, moved dpkg-dev dep to mono-jit (thanks to Zomb for the note)
      - updated arch list (only HP-UX not Linux/HPPA is supported)
      - cleanups
      - eerr Zomb did you forget this cleanup when you moved to .install files? :)
      - we have 3.6.1 no problem here
      - fix for woody's debhelper
      - s390 build fix
      - typo fixes, mono metapackage arch adjustments
      - removed " from variable definitions, crap Makefile stuff :)
      - added Mono BSP line
      - included amd64 build patch
      - preparing 1.0.2 package release
      - cleanups
      - removed automake from build-deps
      - closing bug, cosmetic things in debian/rules
      - added CVS and .svn removal command
      - not required, dh_* does the trick
      - fixed date format
      - preparing upload
      - updated list according to statements of lupus (mono developer)
      - removed .NET 2.0 support.
      - in clean target, removing generated manpages.
      - cosmetic changes.
      - fixed date and set version to 1.0.5-1
      - removing s390 support
      - merged mono/branches/1.1 with mono/trunk
      - finishing changelog for experimental upload.
      - cli-common update.
      - bump revision.
      - fixed section
      - added amd64
      - making ready for upload to unstable
      - updated for 1.1.8.
      - big fat warning
      - update
      - preparing
      - typo
      - added -f to rm in clean target
      - eeeeks, Vsa 7.0 should not be here, but 8.0 should (thanks to Ingo Salz for spotting this)
      - changed order.
      - fixed #316691, manpage of mono-mcs was overwritten by mono-utils during upgrade.
      - upsy, added missing files.
      - fixed bootstrap problems with mono-classlib-1.0 depdency on mono-common.
      - mono fix
      - release.
      - Mono
      - Mono release
      - Mono release
      - 64bit fixes.
      - synced cli-common
      - release
      - release
      - added XSP2 patch
      - changed email address
      - release
      - remove empty manpage.
      - mono 1.1.10 release
      - mono release
      - give kfreebsd a chance, added libx11-dev build-dep
      - added libxt-dev to build-deps
      - mono 1.1.13 release
      - mono
      - build fix for mono
      - enable arm + armeb
      - mono release
      - Mono release
      - bumped version to -1
      - release
      - changed to replaces to <<
      - last minute patches from ubuntu
      - added CLI policy url
      - da final split!
      - more files
      - changed libmono-c5-0.5-cil to libmono-c5-1.0-cil
      - finalize changelog for upload
      - removed -f from rm calls, else we don't notice if they don't match anymore.
      - fixes
      - fixed the mcs.exe call
      - moved the building of the MonoGetAssemblyName.cs after "make install", else its very ugly to use the built mono runtime
      - mono-runtime
      - mono with optional cli-common 0.4.0 support
      - added svn:ignore property
      - binfmt
      - remove extra ,
      - .NET 2.0 support
      - updated changelog
      - updated changelog
      - watch update
      - release
      - -1 release
      - -2 release
      - updated
      - updated watch file
      - Mono release, contains a lot of love! (specially dh_clideps)
      - disabled DH_VERBOSE release
      - remove DH_VERBOSE
      - bugfix
      - release
      mono 1.1.18-1 release
      - changelog bit
      - mono 1.1.18-2 release
      - fixed rules
      - almost release
      - update
      - mono release
      - mono release
      - mono release
      - fix
      - work in progress
      - update
      - moved dh_install call
      - mono release
      - clean it good, almost at 1.2.4-1
      - 1.2.4-1 release
      - 1.2.4-2
      - mono 1.2.4-2 release
      - mono 1.2.4-3 release
      - ARM fix
      - mono (1.2.4-4) release
      - fixed PPC bug investigation credits
      - mono 1.2.4-5 release
      - memory leak patch
      - softfloatier
      - flush
      - adding autogen.sh for later maybe
      mono 1.2.4-6 release
      - reorder patches and re-autoconf
      - mono 1.2.5-1~pre1
      - first import
      mono 1.2.5-1 release
      - mono 1.2.5-2
      - mono release
      - cosmetic fix
      - changelog entry
      - added fix for CVE-2007-5197
      - fixed chomp usage, and return code check.
      - silence gacutil output
      - don't call .exe files directly in mono-api-check
      - added assembly version check
      - big mono 1.2.6 update, but not finished yet (work in progress)
      - reverted to r
      - updated changelog
      - ship prj2make-sharp
      - flush 1.2.6 changes, still work-in-progress though. (needs testing)
      - some copyright update
      - mono 1.2.6+dfsg
      - more fixes
      - mono 1.2.6+dfsg-1 release
      mono (1.2.6+dfsg-2) release
      - last minute fix
      - minor fix
      mono 1.2.6+dfsg-3 release
      - last minute fixes
      - more cleanups
      mono 1.2.6+dfsg-3 release (again)
      mono 1.2.6+dfsg-4 release
      - last minute fixes
      - mono 1.2.6+dfsg-5 release
      - recommend libmono-dev and pkg-config
      - preparing -6
      - implemented -k switch
      - work in progress
      - preparing upload to experimental
      - args, last minute fix
      mono 1.9+dfsg-2 release
      * debian/patches/pass_CPPFLAGS_nicely_r98803.dpatch:
      finalize mono 1.9+dfsg-3
      implemented support to compare .deb and .changes files
      beautify output
      finialize mono 1.9.1+dfsg-1
      ugly but valid
      * Urgency set to medium as this release contains important bugfixes for
      for the sake of consistency
      * debian/shlibs.local:
      * debian/control:
      * debian/control
      finalize changelog
      * Added lpia to Architecture fields.
      * debian/fix_Assembly.LoadFrom_deadlock.dpatch:
      bump timestamp
      flush 2.0-1
      * debian/mono-1.0-devel.manpages:
      * New upstream (bugfix) release.
      bumped preview revision
      * debian/patches/armel_fix_configure_fpu_check.dpatch:
      * debian/mono-common.install:
      finalizing changelog, yay
      * debian/mono-1.0-devel.postinst
      nicer changelog
      + Added many stronged versioned binary dependencies to mono-devel as hack
      * debian/control:
      * Rebuilt against libc6 and glib from unstable.
      * debian/rules:
      export DH_OPTIONS
      darn we can't abuse DH_OPTIONS because many dh_* tools handle unknown non-option arguments fatal!
      fixed varable name
      * debian/dh_clideps
      * debian/control:
      go Mono 2.0 go!
      * debian/control:
      docs/AgilityPack.dll issues
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Merge commit 'upstream/2.0.1'

Pablo Fischer (4):
      Added support for autoscripts.
      Fixed a BIG BUG.
      Update, my requests

Sebastian Dröge (44):
      * mono/debian/patches/unix-end-point-equals.dpatch (SVN rev 57754:57757):
      * make the patch a correct -p1 patch... bad dpatch :/
      * added mono-api-check and two patches to mono
      * removed old patches
      * fixed changelog :)
      * added a patch to mono
      * and don't forget to add the patch itself ;)
      * updated mono to
      * added svn revisions
      * byte order mark isn't printed anymore to the console
      * only use LANG=C where the output is parsed
      * fixed the gacutil and the mono runtime installer script
      * removed a ) that broke the script
      * doesn't close this bug, this has to be fixed from the roots, i.e. in cli-common
      * small fix for the mono runtime script
      * fix banshee compilation with mono 1.1.18
      * improve changelog
      * update mono to 1.2.2
      * update mono to
      * updated my mail address in all places, don't worry, nothing uploaded for this trivial change
      * merge etch branch
      * fix various build failures and update to
      * and another build fix...
      * add kfreebsd-amd64 to archs
      * libmono-winforms*-cil should suggest shared-mime-info
      * stricter mono-utils dependencies
      * use the real mono
      * prepare mono for unstable
      * Sebastian 'slomo' Dröge:
      * debian/patches/g_thread_init.dpatch:
      * debian/patches/mono-ppc-corruption.dpatch:
      * Sebastian 'slomo' Dröge:
      * debian/FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird.dll.config,
      * Sebastian 'slomo' Dröge:
      * Sebastian 'slomo' Dröge:
      + debian/patches/mono-cairo_1.2.dpatch,
      * fix version
      - Build Mono.Cairo with support for cairo 1.2 functions and bump
      * revert all changes
      * debian/rules:
      * debian/patches/method-signature-testing.dpatch:
      * debian/rules:
      + Set default CFLAGS to -O2 -g.

Teófilo Ruiz Suárez (6):
      automake1.7 in build-deps now, and etc/mono is not a file but a dir
      Added automake1.7 change
      Changes reverted
      New 0.29.99 release to fix #231966
      Actually, we don't remove icu-config, we just don't 'chmod +x' it
      libicu26-dev out of Build-Depends



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