[Pkg-mono-svn-commits] [SCM] mono branch, master, updated. 2.0.1-6-92-g5f57dc0

Mirco Bauer meebey at meebey.net
Mon May 25 18:13:21 UTC 2009

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 5704050ed53ffe07345828268c4c3ea88a847335
Author: Mirco Bauer <meebey at meebey.net>
Date:   Thu May 21 01:01:40 2009 +0200


diff --git a/debian/monodoc-manual.installmonodoc b/debian/monodoc-manual.installmonodoc
deleted file mode 100644
index c682224..0000000
--- a/debian/monodoc-manual.installmonodoc
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,16 +0,0 @@
-# path/name                 basefile  label                         parent
-/usr/lib/monodoc/sources/   netdocs   "Class Library"               root:
-/usr/lib/monodoc/sources/   Mono      "Mono Libraries"              root:
-/usr/lib/monodoc/sources/   Novell    "Novell Libraries"            root:
-/usr/lib/monodoc/sources/   cs-errors "C# Compiler Error Reference" root:
-/usr/lib/monodoc/sources/   ecma334   "C# Language Specification"   root:
-/usr/lib/monodoc/sources/   monoapi   "Mono Embedding"              root:
-classlib-diacanvas          none      "DiaCanvas Libraries"         various
-classlib-nunit              none      "NUnit Libraries"             various
-debugger                    none      "Mono Debugger"               dev-tools
-dev-tools                   none      "Mono Development Tools"      root:
-md                          none      "Monodevelop IDE"             root:
-monodevelop                 none      "API Reference"               md
-monodevelop-extension-guide none      "Extension Point Reference"   md
-moonlight                   none      "Moonlight/Silverlight"       root:
-various                     none      "Various"                     root:


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