[Pkg-mono-svn-commits] [SCM] libgdiplus annotated tag, debian/1.9-1+lenny1, created. debian/1.9-1+lenny1

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Wed Sep 1 11:18:14 UTC 2010

The annotated tag, debian/1.9-1+lenny1 has been created
        at  d895119843452463d9878778931bd5ee52c3ab08 (tag)
   tagging  3aeef7cc228b21542d99e1d460021c34279e6830 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.9
 tagged by  Jo Shields
        on  Wed Sep 1 12:10:31 2010 +0100

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 1.9-1+lenny1

Dave Beckett (6):
      1.1.8-2 rebuild against libglib2.0-0 in unstable (Closes: 321568)
      Replace xlibs-dev with libx11-dev, libxt-dev
      Replace xlibs-dev with libx11-dev, libxt-dev
      fix email
      Fix clean rule.  Remove junk from libgdiplus.pc
      round and round the sources go, where novell will put them, nobody knows

Eduard Bloch (24):
      Installing original source version
      Forking to Trunk
      Load newtrunk into libgdiplus/trunk.
      Remove forgotten file and add it to the clean rule in rules
      afaik not needed here
      Merge mode enabled
      Manually tracking libxrender dependency, dpkg sucks on diverted files
      Cairo already pulls it in
      Build-Dep and pkgconfig profile fixes
      Forgotten linebreak
      Damn, old build conflict not updated
      updated to 0.30.2 and limited arch lsit
      New libgdiplus release
      Version strings update and -Werror removal
      Building for the current libmono version, this sucks
      libgdiplus version update and ready for release
      Damn, not upgraded libmono-dev
      neue build-deps
      New libgdiplus
      libgdiplus beta3 update
      Finalizig libgdiplus changelog for release
      Releasing new libgdiplus
      Preparing the libtiff4 transition of libgdiplus

Jo Shields (6):
      Merge branch 'upstream-lenny' into master-lenny
      Merge commit 'upstream/1.9' into master-lenny
      Add a gbp.conf to ensure git-buildpackage uses the Lenny branches
      SECURITY UPDATE: Import upstream commit fa0e3a1d516166c341d5, which closes integer overflows in BMP, JPEG and TIFF handling. (Closes: #594155) (CVE-2010-1526)
      Merge branch 'upstream-1.9/debian/patches/fix_buffer_overflows_CVE-2010-1526' into master-lenny
      Finalize changelog

Mirco Bauer (22):
      - updated download url
      - preparing upload
      - updated.
      - 1.1.5 update
      - preparing for upload to experimental
      - added closes
      - removed --without-glitz, not needed because of build conflict
      - update version to 1.1.7
      - added some packages to build-deps
      - fixed changelog
      - added amd64
      - making ready for upload to unstable.
      - making ready for 1.1.8-1
      - libgdiplus release
      - updated date
      - libgdiplus 1.1.10-1 release.
      - fixed obsolete charset :-P
      - libgdiplus 1.1.13
      - release
      - libgdiplus release
      - release
      - libgdiplus 1.1.18-1 release

Sebastian Dröge (23):
      * drop obsolete patch
      * updated libgdiplus to 1.1.17-1
      * update libgdiplus, add banshee-official-plugins, tag ipod-sharp, libipoddevice
      * update libgdiplus to 1.2.2
      * updated my mail address in all places, don't worry, nothing uploaded for this trivial change
      * upload to experimental
      * upload to experimental
      * fix email address in changelog
      * update to 1.2.3-1
      * add kfreebsd-i386 support
      * add kfreebsd-amd64 to archs
      * update and tag libgdiplus 1.2.3-3
      * Sebastian 'slomo' Dröge:
      + debian/rules:
      * debian/patches/01_missing-include.dpatch:
      * New upstream release.
      * debian/control:
      * New upstream release:
      * add missing 00list file
      * debian/control:
      + Use libgif-dev instead of libungif4-dev, as ungif upstream development
      * use ungif for now as it conflicts with giflib and everything else is built against giflib for now.
      * New upstream release.



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