[Pkg-mono-svn-commits] [SCM] mono annotated tag, 2.10.1, created. 2.10.1

Miguel de Icaza miguel at gnome.org
Mon Jan 28 12:05:04 UTC 2013

The annotated tag, 2.10.1 has been created
        at  668fe4cb4bf709d52ab5660e9198ed2bbcc32289 (tag)
   tagging  b60927f21facd108fe0188413ff7d9556e055b1e (commit)
  replaces  2.10
 tagged by  Andrew Jorgensen
        on  Fri Feb 25 21:48:11 2011 -0700

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
2.10.1 Final

Andrew Jorgensen (1):
      Version 2.10.1

Ankit Jain (4):
      [xbuild] Fix bug #671700, resource naming in presence of "Link".
      [xbuild] Use the env var $MSBuildExtensionsPath before trying other paths.
      [xbuild] Add new reserved properties $(MSBuildThisFile*).
      [xbuild] Fix bug #674337.

Atsushi Eno (26):
      add private setter for message serialization.
      PeeDuplex ChannelFactory must be opened in prior to create channels.
      EndpointAddress could be empty on opening the factory.
      When the callback contract type is the same as the contract, do not block replies.
      implement some ServiceHostBase public methods that already existed internally.
      MessageHeaderDescription were not filled in message contract. Reject wrong contracts.
      ServiceDescription.cs does not exist in moonlight, so move TypeExtension.
      Message headers are now serialized and deserialized for MessageHeaderDescription.
      Async MessageContract pattern needs more sophisticated contract validity check.
      KnownTypeCollection; recursively registered type was not added to the collection while it is "registered" state.
      Operation interface methods also have ServiceKnownType attributes.
      xsi:type parsing is wrong in default namespace resolution.
      April2005 AppSequence needs default constructor for deserialization.
      To header seems mandatory in April2005, so fill it.
      Don't reject serialization map for existing different (but same-purpose) type.
      MakXsdDataContractExporter refactoring to generally use SerializationMap.XmlName.
      HTTP authentication in HttpListener had dropped during refactoring. Now it's back.
      Fill a couple of missing ServiceAuthorizationElement implementation.
      Only use non-null values in ServiceAuthorizationBehavior.
      Couple of corcompare fixes.
      get out from NET_4_0.
      EndpointAddressAugust2004 was not serialized correctly.
      Almost eliminate wrong use of Constants.WsaNamespace.
      Fix wrong element name (AppSequenceType->AppSequence).
      Do not try to serialize null header item.
      Fix infinite loop in DiscoveryMessageSequence equality comparison.

Geoff Norton (5):
      Remove dead code
      Fix ARCH_STORE_REGS on arm to save r0->r12 properly
      Avoid leaking a mach_port every time we query the counters
      OSX 10.6 properly respected signal handlers before invoking the crash reporter
      Implement proper TSD lookup for arm-darwin

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier (6):
      [HttpWebRequest] Use the timeout in GetResponse()
      [HttpWebRequest] EndGetResponse already does this.
      [HttpListener] UserHostName includes the port.
      Fix the check for version and PublicKeyToken
      [Win64] Compilation fix for eglib in win64
      [eglib] Move definition of GPid to eglib-config.h

Hib Eris (2):
      Decorate _image_base__ with __MINGW_LSYMBOL
      Fix gsize for 64-bit Windows

Jérémie Laval (17):
      Implement TaskFactory.FromAsync
      Allow multiple invocation of Task Execute method to allow short-circuiting without breaking deque ordering
      Adapt Parallel.For stealing to all processor flavors
      Implement properly TaskScheduler's FromCurrentSynchronizationContext
      When choosing the number of Task to create for a PLinq query, check if we are already in a running Task
      Create PLinq query tasks attached to their eventual task parent by default
      Threadpool Task scheduler
      Try to execute task inline when they are ready to run and we wait on them with no timeout
      Don't create a new lambda everytime when queuing Task via ThreadPool QueueUserWorkItem
      Cache callback delegate in TpScheduler when passing Task to QueueUserWorkItem
      Adapt TpScheduler to the new API in TaskScheduler
      When finding best worker number in Parallel loops use current TaskScheduler instead of default TaskScheduler
      Kill old IScheduler interface.
      Refactor common code block of TpScheduler and SyncContextScheduler in SchedulerProxy
      Make TryExecuteTaskInline a bit smarter
      Remove ctors in TpScheduler
      Allow people to optionally fallback to the old scheduler with an environment variable

Marek Habersack (3):
      [asp.net,mvc3] Fix for bug #668655. Implemented a few more NameValueCollection method overloads.
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #669807. Cache session item locks as the item might be cleared before the lock needs to be released.
      [transactions] When cloning a transaction make sure to copy all the stuff that matters.

Marek Safar (1):
      [671878] Fixes IKVM ordering of catch clauses

Mark Probst (1):
      [sgen] Fix some debug functions.

Miguel de Icaza (4):
      [594642] System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces fix for MacOS X
      Backport support for add support for new PerformanceCounter("Process", "% Processor Time", "<process id as string>" on OS X
      Avoid warnings, should fix OpenSUSE builds
      Fix win32 build

Rodrigo Kumpera (4):
      Make sure we keep a root for the delegates when calling them.
      Handle gsharing and marshal by ref.
      Handle overrides on events when retrieving cattrs.
      Properly check arguments in List<T> ICollection.CopyTo.

Veerapuram Varadhan (1):
      [bugfix]667855 - Fix handling of oracle raw data type appropriately.

Zoltan Varga (9):
      Work around a gcc bug on arm.
      Set cfg->uses_rgctx_reg in another code path too on arm, to fix --regression generics.exe.
      Reorganize the way jump_target_hash is stored in the JIT. Free entries in jump_target_hash which point inside a dynamic method when it is freed. Fixes #669815.
      Revert "[Win64] Compilation fix for eglib in win64"
      Make the var/mvar caches per-image, since the generic params they refer to can be freed on domain unload. Fixes part of #672939.
      Implement mono_memory_barrier () and OP_MEMORY_BARRIER for ARM.
      Fix arm thunk creation in dynamic methods. Fixes #673828.
      Avoid returning TRUE from mono_domain_finalize () if it is interrupted by sdb. Fixes #673592.
      Fix the passing of the mrgctx argument in case of a virtual->nonvirtual optimization. Fixes #672446.



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