[Pkg-mono-svn-commits] [SCM] mono annotated tag, 2.10.2, created. 2.10.2

Marek Habersack grendel at twistedcode.net
Mon Jan 28 12:05:05 UTC 2013

The annotated tag, 2.10.2 has been created
        at  a401067f098a6c3aa8b273e06e6ccbf14a589852 (tag)
   tagging  ce3b0b7564d9cae02068aa5d2e2414e723426030 (commit)
  replaces  2.10.1
 tagged by  Andrew Jorgensen
        on  Mon Apr 25 14:30:42 2011 -0600

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
2.10.2 Final

Alan McGovern (1):
      [log profiler] Keep correct stats about gchandles

Andrew Jorgensen (4):
      add xbuild-frameworks to rpm
      Fix up devel packages in spec file
      Bump to 2.10.2
      mono-sgen-gdb.py should be installed conditionally

Ankit Jain (43):
      [xbuild] Fix bug #674630.
      [xbuild] Rename method to make it more consistent.
      [xbuild] Remove property if Output TaskParameter is null.
      [xbuild] Add $(MSBuildToolsRoot) reserved property.
      [xbuild] Add missing property to Error/Warning tasks.
      [xbuild] ToolTask - add missing api
      [xbuild] Add support for multi-targeting arbitrary frameworks.
      [xbuild] GetReferenceAssemblyPaths - add missing license header.
      [xbuild] ResolveAssemblyReference - add missing api.
      [xbuild] ResolveAssemblyReference - log task parameters
      [xbuild] Make Engine.DefaultToolsVersion 2.0 .
      [xbuild] ToolTask - make error column check a little non-specific.
      [xbuild] Exec task - add support for custom error/warning regex.
      [xbuild] Vbc task - make error column check a little non-specific.
      [xbuild] Fix assembly name comparison when resolving references.
      [xbuild] Fix warnings.
      [xbuild] Add support for Before/AfterTargets.
      [xbuild] Log build errors and raise events even if a build fails.
      [xbuild] DirectoryScanner.HasWildcard - new method
      [xbuild] Expression.ParseAs<T> - new method
      [xbuild] ImportCollections.TryGetImport and other fixes
      [xbuild] ImportedProject - remove unnecessary catch/throw
      [xbuild] Add support for wildcards in Import.
      [xbuild] Update man page with info about FrameworkList.xml
      [xbuild] Add hooks for extending .sln builds.
      [xbuild] Fix bug #676671. Raise AnyEvent .
      [xbuild] Add missing api for Target.
      [xbuild] Set @(CollectedBuildOutput) for projects build from .sln .
      [xbuild] LogExtensions.LogError - disambiguate.
      [xbuild] ConsoleLogger - parse params only on Initialize.
      [xbuild] Implement FileLogger . Fix #676650 .
      [xbuild] Clean up test logs.
      [xbuild] Fix test on windows.
      [xbuild] Evaluate Import with MSBuildThisFile* properties set.
      [xbuild] Function names are case insensitive.
      [xbuild] Handle unknown exceptions.
      [xbuild] Set ProjectFile and TargetName metadata on target outputs.
      [xbuild] xbuild/Main.cs - remove unnecessary catch/throw.
      [xbuild] Don't report Imports ignored because of false conditions.
      [xbuild] Emit list of projects in the .sln.proj
      [xbuild] Throw ArgumentNullException if target name is null
      [xbuild] Microsoft.Common.targets - import Before/After targets files.
      [xbuild] Allow skipping target framework moniker lookup.

Atsushi Eno (83):
      Another fix to not write null header. Add UniqueId deserialization workaround.
      Pass Actor. use IsNullOrEmpty() instead of "!= String.Empty".
      To header rewrite only happens in Adhoc mode.
      Do not write empty items in Probe message.
      Simple InstanceContext.Extensions implementation by David Schmitt.
      Fix 2.0 test build (disable it).
      Remove wrong overrides in RequestChannelBase in discovery.
      Replace SRE-based client proxy generator with RealProxy.
      Fixed xsd derived simpleType cast failures on uint. Fixed bug #676993.
      Forgot to add test xml files.
      Couple of fixed to support new DateTimeOffset serialization in .NET WCF.
      Set ProhibitDtd = false on uri-based Load(). Fixed bug #676009.
      Forgot to add the actual new client proxy.
      XmlReader.ReadToNextSibling() saved wrong Depth and failed to proceed.
      Empty element is valid here in silverlight secrity element.
      DateTimeOffset child elements have fixed namespace.
      Make sure to call MoveToContent() to correctly determine node type.
      Remove wrong buffer size check in XmlTextReader.ReadChrs().
      Couple of fixes around XmlSyndicationContent.GetReaderAtContent().
      More xml output fixes in XmlSyndicationContent and SydicationElementExtension.
      Merge branch 'mono-2-10' of github.com:mono/mono into mono-2-10
      In XNodeWriter, extra xmlns was written and often rejected for duplicate decls.
      Temporarily disable InternalsVisibleTo(System.ServiceModel).
      Auto detect BOM-less utf-16 and utf-32. Fixed bug #674580.
      Remove old windows threading workaround.
      Some attempts to make KnownTypeCollection parallel access safe.
      In some collection case, xsi:type is explicitly written. Try to copy that behavior.
      Enable DTD attdecl processing in mobile profile.
      avoid NRE on non-binary encoding use in TcpTransport.
      Add endpoint behavior support in NET_2_1, which involved not a few additions.
      Fix MessageID element name in discovery contracts.
      Implement more encodings than binary frame with dictionary, in TCP manager.
      Enable more behaviors use in NET_2_1 land, toward WebHttpBinding.
      Enable more behavior interface member in NET_2_1.
      Enable behaviors in mobile profiles for WebHttpBinding.
      Support encoding record other than binary session in TCP channel frame reader.
      net.tcp Sized message with non-binarysession encoding should work now.
      Fix build; remove extra !NET_2_1.
      XamlType lookup from xml name failed when [XmlnsDefinition] is involved.
      Remove unexpected CWL.
      Fix serialization test build that depended on compiler contravariance bug.
      Nowadays, XmlDeclaratoin.WriteTo() writes PI instead of raw.
      XStreamingElement should be covered in WriteTo(). It's not derived from XNode.
      Do not always assume ascii == 1 byte in JsonWriter. Fix utf-16 usage.
      null JSON type must be handled in JsonWriter.
      Looks like WCF serializer supports XmlNode, so we do as well.
      Cosmetic corcompare-based updates in Sys.SM.Web.
      Implement ConfigurationName support for ChannelFactory.
      Less !NET_2_1/!MOONLIGHT to improve SL4 WCF compatibility.
      A bit less !NET_2_1 and !MOONLIGHT in Sys.ServiceModel.Web.
      fix wrong attempt to add restricted headers in HttpRequestChannel.
      Add WCF diagnostics implementation (not working yet).
      unlike told by docs.mono-android.net Trace does not exist in mobile profile.
      IDictionary`2 serialization support was missing in DataContractJsonSerializer.
      Auto-detect text encoding from input stream for JsonReader. Fix DBCS pushback.
      null value also outputs "type='null' in WCF JSON writer.
      Revert PushbackReader changes (was unnecessary and actually bogus).
      Collection support in JSON serializer was actually for any IEnumerable.
      Fix build, looks like ArrayList is internally available in moon.
      auto-detect UTF16-LE too.
      Looks like .NET accepts non-integer numbers as int. Smells bogus though.
      HttpRequestChannel should also return CookieContainer in NET_2_1 profile.
      Some XmlSerializerFormatAttribute and XmlSerializerOperationBehavior refactoring.
      DataContractSerializerOperationBehavior is done too. Fix moonlight_raw build.
      Fix moonlight_raw build in Sys.Xml.Serialization.dll (NIE!)
      Add InternalsVisibleTo(Sys.Xml.Serialization.dll) to Sys.ServiceModel in 2.1.
      Split XmlMessagesFormatter out. It is for use in Sys.Xml.Serialization.dll.
      Temporarily disable InternalsVisibleTo(Sys.Xml.Serialization).
      Add XmlSerializerFormatAttribute support in mobile profiles.
      Implement 4.0 WebOperationContext.Create[Atom10|Json]Response() methods.
      Fix wrong TraceEventType values passed.
      ServiceKnownTypeAttribute.MethodName was used way different to lookup method.
      Add ServiceKnownTypeAttributeTest.
      One more step to enable WCF diagnostics in Logger, and add HttpReplyChannel log.
      Flush XmlWriter and TextWriter so that incomplete changes are not lost.
      Implement support for KnownTypeAttribute.MethodName.
      Fix regression for counter case to 6005f0a7.
      Prefer immutable string return for ease of debugging in UriTemplate.
      Use correct MessageVersion instead of Default for empty response.
      Some argument check in TextMessageEncoder.
      Return null for empty message in WebMessageFormatter. Useful eror messages.
      Prepare for HostNameComparisonMode support (i.e. incomplete).
      Empty XmlReader message caused failure on buffereed copy.

Bassam Tabbara (1):
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #667513. Implement support for PathInfo in Route.GetRouteData

Duane Wandless (1):
      GetApplicableRule returns NULL in TimeZoneInfo.cs yet the code does not always handle a NULL return value.

Geoff Norton (11):
      Enable ARMv6 for arm*-darwin
      Fix the mobile build
      Cache the result of the pthread_specific disassembly when checking for fast tls on darwin
      Fix the build when using DESTDIR
      When running in a linked environment, this file might not exist
      Add 2 missing 4.0 APIs to the MOBILE profile
      Fix ARCH_STORE_REGS on arm
      Fix the mobile build
      Fix the mobile build
      Add some missing types to the mobile profile
      Set SO_REUSEADDR on listening sockets

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier (67):
      Host name is the same when querying localhost
      No need to create an extra instance of Worker.
      Turn the method to upper case.
      Avoid null refs when capacity set to 0
      Some changes to the threadpool
      IO threads have their own name
      [HttpWebRequest] Support 4.0 Host property.
      [HttpListener] Memory use reductions
      [HttpListener] Close idle connections on Stop()
      Support NLS when opening assemblies on windows.
      [HttpListener] Plug leak.
      [HttpListener] Avoid blocking in FlushInput
      [Socket] Minimize allocations of delegates
      [Timer] Use static CB for invoking timer callbacks.
      [Socket] Remove more auto-delegates
      [HttpWebRequest] Only uppercase known methods
      Test for both Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2
      [HttpListener] Paranoid cleanup
      Add to .gitignore
      [threadpool] Added dynamic concurrent queue implementation
      Cache NewLine per AppDomain.
      [threads] appdomain_refs push/pop speedup
      Add new ignore file.
      [HttpListener] Avoid contention
      Appdomain refs can be NULL in pop_refs
      [Semaphore] Remove warnings
      [io-layer] Handle process waits when SHM is disabled.
      Fix g_get_charset for windows.
      [io-layer] Make my previous patch signal safe.
      [io-layer] Don't use Get/SetLastError after wapi shutdown.
      [Threadpool] Handle multiple calls to cleanup
      [asp.net] Return the correct Mime type for 304.
      Fix the host name returned in GetHostEntry.
      [windows] Avoid creating a thread in init.
      [windows] Get rid of a lot of warnings
      [windows] Wrong LoadLibrary being called.
      [windows] Update create-defs.pl
      [HttpListener] Fix keep-alive connections
      [msvc] New mono.def
      [threadpool] Avoid the infame assert in mono-wsq.
      [HttpListener] Match exceptions from MS on cleanup.
      [HttpListener] request.Url.Original string matches MS now.
      [threadpool] Split the socket code in separate files.
      [threadpool] Add support for kqueue asynch. IO.
      Some changes to the threadpool
      [threadpool] Don't start all the IO threads on first request.
      --version shows kqueue now.
      Replace old connect hack with _pipe on windows.
      Remove unneeded function and use same code for win/lin
      Revert "Remove unneeded function and use same code for win/lin"
      Revert "Replace old connect hack with _pipe on windows."
      [windows] Make the connect hack work again.
      [windows] Avoid creating a thread in init
      Merge branch 'threadpool-2-10' into mono-2-10
      Avoid 'comparison always true...'
      Fix a typo in Directory.GetFiles ()
      Fix vasprintf() for empty strings.
      Reset BytesTransferred on every reuse.
      Revert "Fix a typo in Directory.GetFiles ()"
      Remove printf's
      [eglib] The last argument can be empty and quoted.
      [HttpWebResponse] Close and Dispose are different beasts.
      Remove printf
      [HttpWebRequest] Ignore Transfer-Encoding when there's no content.
      Clearing the queue messed up with the per-domain job count
      [webclient] Only set the credentials when they are not null.

Jason Cohen (1):
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #678705. Menu list rendered properly closes the list now.

Jb Evain (4):
      Handle conversion to System.Enum
      [linker] always preserve System.MonoCQItem
      Fix output of local variable names in debugging symbols
      Fix net_2_0 build

Jonathan Pryor (1):
      Enable UDP Sockets on MOBILE platforms.

Jérémie Laval (4):
      Correctly implement enumerating CyclicDequeue.
      Don't throw an exception when task array is empty in WaitAll and throw in case a null element is encountered in it.
      Revert fcbb5717c18ff8393f2300a254bb13e6fab9c7e4 and implement it differently.
      Protect entering ReaderWriterLockSlim upgradable mode against async exceptions.

Kenneth Skovhede (1):
      Fix the handling of the '%f' descriptor in DataConverter.Unpack (). Fixes #683712.

Kornél Pál (1):
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #650695. Implements the System.Web.{HttpNotFoundHandler,HttpNotImplementedHandler} classes.

Koushik Dutta (1):
      Fix bug where if a task is Start-ed with a specific scheduler,

Levi Bard (1):
      [Fix] Make path building on windows behave the same as stock mono+glib.

Louis Salin (2):
      implement getter and setter for HostContext property
      TraceData and TraceEvent methods must pass a new instance of TraceEventCache

Lucas Meijer (2):
      backport of ee5a8cf9d09d525741e94b380bba411c6915026a,  still under the mit x11 license.
      Implmement a private BinaryFormatter.DefaultSurrogateSelector, which enables embedders who want to make a sandbox, to specify a default surrogate selector, which is required to get System.Serialization be able to operate within a CoreCLR environment.

Marek Habersack (35):
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #671753. Route.GetVirtualPath must take ambient values into account.
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #668696. Handle recursive locks gracefully.
      [asp.net] Fixes bug #676008. HtmlForm 'name' attribute rendering fixes.
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #670874. Match request URLs against precompiled dictionary using absolute paths.
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #670714. Menu is rendered correctly in 4.0 now (highlighting works)
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #678473. Do not map paths of absolute file paths when passed to HttpRequest.WriteFile
      Removed debug noise
      [asp.net] Test compilation fix for System.Web.Extensions
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #655474. Don't assume an Uri being serialized is an absolute one
      [asp.net] Test for bug #655474
      [asp.net] Use List <string> instead of ArrayList to keep file dependencies
      [asp.net] Use List <string> instead of ArrayList to keep assembly locations in TemplateParser
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #681421. Use VirtualPathProvider.CombineVirtualPaths
      [runtime] Fix compilation
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #681164. Page.InitOutputCache ignores calls with duration <= 0
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #681553. Look for direct child controls before calling up on the NamingContainer
      [asp.net] HtmlForum.Name rendering updates + test updates
      [DataAnnotations] Implemented the Validator and CustomValidationAttribute 4.0 classes
      [system] Part of fix for bug #683339. NameValueCollection.Add (NameValueCollection) must call the Get* overloads instead of BaseGet*
      [mvc3] Part of fix for bug #683339. Override more NameValueCollection methods.
      [wcf] Unbreak the build (Assembly.IsDynamic is a 4.0 thing)
      [asp.net,routing] Fix for bug #682869. RouteCollection.MapPageRoute is a 4.0 thing
      [asp.net] Store new heap size when shrinking it. Thanks to Rodrigo Kumpera for noticing it!
      [asp.net] 2.0 standalone tests must have the MONO_TESTS_IN_PROGRESS variable exported in the environment
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #684803. XmlSiteMapProvider must take its root node into account when matching an URL.
      [DynamicData] Use different web.config for 2.0 and 4.0 tests
      [runtime,IO] Filesystem entries can only be sought for in directories, not files.
      [asp.net] A more effective way of looking for web.config
      [asp.net] Make web.config path check test case-insensitive
      [asp.net] Fixed a thinko in one of the previous commits
      [asp.net] Shorten code in WebConfigurationHost
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #685267. ClientScriptManager generates correct post-back event reference for cross-page post-backs.
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #685116. AJAX post-back which redirects the browser does not need a Page or ScriptManager instance
      [asp.net] MinimizableAttributeTypeConverter only converts from strings.
      [asp.net] ScriptResourceHandler must correctly encode script literals.

Marek Safar (4):
      [674224] Type parameter constraint can resolve to nested type before it has been imported
      [675777] Remove invalid zero based optimization
      [677550] Fixes fixed buffer regressions
      [666033] Fixes Mono.WebBrowser versioning

Mark Probst (2):
      [sgen] Debug options for disabling minor and/or major collection.
      Merge branch 'sgen-disable-gc' into mono-2-10

Mark Sciabica (1):
      Fix exception handling on windows x64.

Martin (1):
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #658184. AuthorizationRule restores its Action when unmerging.

Martin Baulig (4):
      Fix bug #669836:
      Add "soft breakpoint" support for ARM.
      Ooops, also enable explicit nulls.
      Oooops, it's supposed to be 'if (!strcmp (...))' !

Miguel de Icaza (13):
      Add default implementations to ReadLine() and ReadToEnd() to TextReader, fixes 655934
      Do not throw exceptions, instead return a sensible value, fixes 656468
      [TerminfoDriver] be more tolerant to failures, and fallback gracefully, instead of aborting
      Fix build
      Make print take an object
      [System.Json] Fix loader.
      Merged compile fix from master
      Add Environment.IsMacOS for handling OSX specific bits in corlib
      Add OSX support to the io-layer: supports getting a list of mounted file systems, and OSX-specific file system types
      OSX, Win32: Implements support for DriveInfo
      Make this OSX specific instead
      Add test to prevent future problems, this fixes the random MacOSX crashes with assembly loading, but likely everywhere else as well
      Revert broken patch 34f18b68 that caused random bugs in assembly loading, but could crash the runtime as well

MrUnleaded (1):
      Fix that corrects a mishandling of UInt64's.

Peter Gerbrandt (4):
      Support for the same interface as service contract and as callback contract.
      Implement support for QNameIndex (0xBC) in attribute nodes.
      Apply DataContractSerializerOperationBehavior.
      Fix contract description for contracts with deep inheritance hierarchy.

Rafael Munitic (3):
      If the function is null Wait will not get called and will not check if Future is in faulted state/raise the exception
      Continuation options should be checked as flags
      Must pass null to overloaded constructor instead of wrapper lambda (TaskCompletionSource can use overloaded constructors and it will pass null in function argument)

Rodrigo Kumpera (14):
      Handle CompareTo(long) and huge numbers.
      Handle demormalized object and string types.
      Reset iid of unloaded generic interfaces correctly.
      mono_gc_alloc_mature must check if the object needs to be registered for finalization
      Revert "[io-layer] Make my previous patch signal safe."
      Revert "[io-layer] Handle process waits when SHM is disabled."
      Avoid an infinite loop on broken utf16.
      Cast p to char* since the offset is in byte units.
      Fix win32 file name canonicalization.
      Store the mach port on SgenThreadInfo
      Leverage SgenThreadInfo::mach_port.
      Use constant stack space for STW under darwin.
      Extract suspend code from mono_sgen_thread_handshake.
      Fix thread restart under mach.

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge (1):
      [corlib] Ensure Thread.ManagedThreadId is unique per thread.

Sebastien Pouliot (1):
      backport pull request for 2.10.2

Steve Bjorg (2):
      TextReader.Null should return "" on ReadToEnd()
      added units tests for TextReader ReadLine() and ReadToEnd()

Tomasz Kubacki (1):
      [asp.net] HttpApplication.InitOnce must ensure that HttpApplication.Context does not return null.

Veerapuram Varadhan (2):
      [bugfix]672113 - Make a copy of constraint columns array
      [bugfix][ado.net odbc]Fixes #676368 - make it thread safe to release

Vincent Povirk (1):
      System.Windows.Forms.Mime: Use freedesktop.org only on Unix platforms.

Zoltan Varga (35):
      Disallow EventType.Step in EnableEvents (). Fixes #674490.
      Only use memory barriers on arm when running on armv6 or later.
      Fix stop_debugger_thread () on windows. Shutdown both ends of the connection socket since shutting down only the receive part doesn't seem to work on windows. Wait for the debugger thread to exit in a loop, since we don't use condvars on windows.
      Fix previous arm patch.
      Use stdint.h for VS 2010 and later.
      Change an #ifdef DEBUG to THREAD_DEBUG(). Fixes #676615.
      Resurrect THREAD_DEBUG.
      Disable testbundle for powerpc too.
      Log all sdb log messages to the log file instead of stdout.
      Install a mono-sgen-gdb.py as well.
      Avoid an assert when returning nullable null's from sdb invokes. Fixes #676587.
      Fix out-of-tree builds.
      Fix the previous change.
      Mark threads created when calling from native code into the runtime as background threads. Fixes #678164.
      Use mono_field_get_type () in one place to fix a crash. Fixes #678269.
      Avoid calling class cctors during JITting when the same class needs initialization more than once during a method. Fixes #679467.
      Add a cache for virtual generic thunks to avoid freeing those created by AOT.
      Fix support for generic virtual thunks in full-aot.
      Fix the title of the Mono.Debugger.Soft assembly monodoc.
      Switch to the domain of the assembly in question while executing CMD_ASSEMBLY_GET_TYPE, so referenced assemblies are found. Fixes #679586.
      Fix the length of 'break' on ppc.
      Implement OperatingSystem.ServicePack. Fixes #681552.
      Fix a case where class->instance_size was not set for dynamic classes.
      Remove some unused fields from MonoDynamicGenericClass.
      Call SleepEx in a loop in the Thread.Sleep () icall, to avoid a race when the sleep is interrupted. Fixes #683519.
      Fix the previous change.
      Add some checks to the ActivationServices:AllocateUninitializedClassInstance () icall to avoid instantiating interfaces/abstract types.
      Disable SMP on arm until #683409 is fixed.
      Add a membar to libgc's UNLOCK () on arm. Fixes #683409.
      Pass HAVE_ARMV6 to libgc on darwin too.
      Revert "Disable SMP on arm until #683409 is fixed."
      Add checks to ParameterBuilder.SetConstant () to avoid an assert in the runtime. Fixes #684438.
      Revert "Add checks to ParameterBuilder.SetConstant () to avoid an assert in the runtime. Fixes #684438."
      Avoid putting a seq point at the beginning of finally clauses, they already have one. Fixes #686269.
      Fix Object.MemberwiseClone () on arrays. Fixes #688033.



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