Xprint and default printer

Loc Minier lool@dooz.org
Thu, 20 Jan 2005 11:22:37 +0100


 Just wanted to let other Mozilla-related software now about a
 limitation in Xprint which I discovered recently when dealing with

 You can list available printers via Xprint, and that will report you
 the CUPS and LPRng known printers, plus it will give hints about the
 format of paper they prefer etc.

 BUT, you can't get the _default_ printer, and that means the user has
 to select a default printer in all xprint apps as well as in the GNOME
 preferences... which isn't exactly optimal.

 The workaround in Galeon is to remember the last printer used via a
 GConf key, but that's currently borken.

 I found information on xprint at:
 Especially looked at the API:
 where no "printer" or "default" related function appears.  :-/

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