Disk full problems

Loc Minier lool@dooz.org
Sat, 22 Jan 2005 17:16:14 +0100


 I've checked the src:epiphany-browser, src:mozilla-firefox, src:galeon
 BTS pages and found them to be clean of "disk full" bugs, but looking
 at the src:mozilla page pushed me to list the "disk full" related
 problems I saw in Galeon which were really Mozilla's fault:

 - downloads: downloads are stored in /tmp while downloading and moved
   to the destination folder when the download finishes, which causes
   two problem:
   . /tmp is too small to hold the file, the user complaints because the
     file shouldn't be stored there
   . the destination is too small to hold the file, user complaints
     because a zero-sized file is created and the download is lost
 (it seems this is worlked around in Galeon or fixed in Mozilla, but
 some bugs are still open on that type of problem)

 - cookies and passwords might be deleted on disk full too, and since
   these are handled by Mozilla right now, it is a Mozilla problem again
   and causes data loss to the user.
     Upstream seems to have checked in a fix targetted at the 1.8.x
   series of Mozilla, see
     Right now, I think it's okay to keep the "important" severity and
   reassign / merge in the Mozilla BTS.


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