mozilla bugs revisited

Alexander Sack asac at
Wed Oct 19 17:11:27 UTC 2005

I went through mozillas bug list and found several bugs that are good
candidates to get fixed. If you see others, please complement this list.

 #314314: mozilla: FTBFS on hurd-i386: Needs porting [patch] - those
 poor porters need this patch ... lets do it. It is needed for
 kfreebsd-i386 port too AFAIK
 #323906: mozilla-browser: Mozilla crashes frequently on AMD64 (I
 think same as 321644
 #321427: mozilla-mailnews: Upgrading to 1.7.10 causes UI problems
 with Mozilla mail - this one was fixed in 1.7.11 already, but he
 missed to document this in changelog.
 #309124: policy violation of 12.5
 #207024: libnspr4: copyright file not accurate
 #207026: libnss3: copyright file not accurate

Further we should investigate some bugs I found:
 #323200: mozilla-browser: gcc4 problem in the module
 #315661: mozilla-mailnews: Missing dependency on portmap package
 #235125: xlibs: numeric keypad decimal point doesn't work in some
 apps with xfree86/pc105/dk
 #184053: mozilla: hangs when generating printout (is this gone or
 patch still applies)
 #185851: no error message if ~/.mozilla is unaccessible
 #204985: keyboard focus is often lost Mozilla 1.4, Copyright (c) 2003, build 2003071414 (this one might be old, but AFAIK,
 there are still focus issues open)
 #207009: libnspr4: package version is useless
 #211525: mozilla-browser: Doesn't warn on bad proxy setting  
 #215819: mozilla: Mozilla hangs after a few seconds when its started
 with esd running
 #210151: The package description does not follow Debian policy
 #211681: mozilla: Mozilla fails to display arbitrary lines of KOI8-R
 text in emails
 #223575: epiphany allows me to hide a dialog when it should not
 #235809: /usr/bin/mozilla-1.6: Problems with postscript printing   
 #237496: galeon crashes with dead-link to java-plugin

And take a look and maybe close (tag woody, etc.) old bugs. They are
all severity important. And its just bugs older then a year:

 #257348: mozilla-browser: Preferences/Privacy&Security/Cookies dialog
 is broken.
 #142210: mozilla-psm: Key generation for certificates hangs
 indefinitely (when used with galeon)
 #154025: mozilla-mailnews: Export of more than one mail message fails
 #156382: after I send an e-mail or replied to an e-mail, mozilla
 refuses to let after I've send an e-mail mozilla refusesto let me
 send or reply to another one
 #161909: mozilla-browser: Text input widgets periodically unusable
 #163250: libnss-dev: Several library files missing
 #170076: After changing mail folders three times, Mozilla doesn't
 display messages or new headers in subsequent ones
 #175482: mozilla: Mozilla is very slow at checking my local IMAP server
 #180875: mozilla: Mozilla can not be globaly configured. (all.js
 preceding debian.js)
 #181250: mozilla-mailnews: Mozilla-mailnews starts with a bunch of
 defunct processes 
 #185566: something make mozilla-browser crash!
 #185288: mozilla-mailnews: Password prompts inconsistent in WM
 #185260: mozilla-browser: 1.3 ignores kde's window placement
 #185212: mozilla: mail: mails with empty subject line should not
 form a thread.
 #187159: galeon: error while displaying a page with comments 
 #190875: mozilla-mailnews: Junk Mail Control doesn't work fine
 #192959: Javascript: year 2000 problem
 #194077: mozilla: Incorrect redering of XML mime-typed XHTML CSS
 #202620: mozilla-browser: mozilla hangs regularily for some days
 #203549: mozilla-browser: auto-fill overwrites default data
 #206293: mozilla-browser: hangs silently very often
 #207262: javascript focusing causes keyboard input to lock
 #207708: epiphany-browser: epiphany crashes when visiting some pa 
 #209321: mozilla-browser resets alternative 'mozilla' to 'auto'
 #209337: mozilla hang while printing with FreeType2
 #211495: mozilla-browser: Preferences not saved
 #217918: mozilla-mailnews: opening mail window freezes mozilla
 #211767: mozilla-browser: I lost my Personal Toolbar Bookmarks
 #212299: mozilla-mailnews: Mozilla sometimes doesn't update the
 preview display
 #213004: Mozilla runs away with CPU usage and freezes when trying to
 #215327: mozilla-browser: crashes consistently on same page
 #215608: mozilla-broser install didn't update /etc/alternatives
 #216198: mozilla-browser: crashes Mozilla
 #216832: galeon: Crash on startup
 #216922: mozilla-browser: Addressbar and text input in forms is
 #217061: mozilla-browser: sidebar stop to work
 #217470: mozilla-browser: 1.5-2 address bar / address dialog broken
 #220752: mozilla-browser: problemes seeing the plugins
 #247117: mozilla-browser: Mozilla gets horribly slow when opening
 many tabs
 #254459: epiphany-browser: Epiphany crashes
 #257307: mozilla-browser: Mozilla 1.7-2 crashes frequently and
 reproduciable when launching java apps
 #258006: mozilla-browser: jpeg makes mozilla crash
 #259392: Strange locale problems
 #261787: mozilla conflicts with fvwm 2.5.8 and higher (FvwmTaskBar)

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