Bug#401620: iceape: fails to save preferences (general.startup.* [e.g. .mail] / general.skins.selectedSkin)

Frank Sauer fsauer at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Dec 4 23:18:12 CET 2006

Package: iceape
Version: 1.0.6-1

iceape 1.0.6-1 fails to save preferences for startup behavior and
skin selection.

although in about:config the value of the general.startup entry
is set in accordance with the selection in my preferences window,
iceape will always start up with Navigator.

in the case of skin selection, about:config will also show
a proper entry along the lines of the selection in the preferences
window. and after restart the changes do take effect. but when closing
iceape and starting again, the "general.skins.selectedSkin" entry
in prefs.js will be gone and iceape will fall back using the "modern"

both behaviors are reproducible.

cheers, frank

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