Bug#403071: mozilla messes up mailbox, loss of mails

Caspar Bothmer caspar-debian at cbothmer.org
Thu Dec 14 14:31:17 CET 2006

Package: mozilla-mailnews
Version: 2:1.7.8-1sarge8
Severity: grave

I was cleaning up my mailbox, using "Search Messages" to filter for 
certain patterns:

On one of my accounts mails with a certain spam level get their subject 
line rewritten so one can easily see this information.  I first did a 
search for this pattern, removing all found messages.

Then I did a search on a different pattern, searching for mails 
delivered to one email address without having a TO: or CC: header 
containing this very address.  I was very astonished to find a friend's 
mail in the results, for this friend isn't even aware of the email 
address or even the domain of the email address I was filtering for.

When I opened this message I got something totally different -- subject 
matching to the search pattern before and therefore not to the subject 
in the results list, a different sender and a spam message.  But this 
spam message did contain the attachment of my friend's message -- as 
inline text.  I had to save the message to the file system, clean the 
body and then base64-decode the remains to get my friend's attachment back.

After restarting mozilla-mailnews I couldn't find any hint of my 
friend's mail.  And the spam message, still containing the attachment of 
my friend's mail, was marked new.

And finally some information, which might be of help:
- my friend's message was a single pdf attachment.
- this message was the first message in my mailbox -- at least the first 
by date.  I don't know if it was at the beginning of the mailbox file.

I tagged this bug grave as I would have lost the message if I hadn't 
noticed it got attached to a mail I was to remove.


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