Bug#403071: mozilla messes up mailbox, loss of mails

Caspar Bothmer caspar-debian at cbothmer.org
Sat Dec 16 12:36:14 CET 2006

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Alexander Sack - Debian Bugmail wrote:
| Sorry for the wrong cut in my quoting ... my "how is this done"
| ment "how do you rewrite subject of spam"?

That's quite a different thing, yes :-))

I don't rewrite the subject myself.  My provider changes the subject on
rules I specified and I get the modified mail.  It's like debian
security announces get a "[SECURITY]" prefix.  I mentioned this just to
make clear that both messages had nothing in common.

Oh, I forgot something -- I use the mozilla message filter to move mails
to several mailboxes.  Messages marked as spam get moved to a spam
mailbox.  As did the spam message in question.  Both messages were
located in different mailboxes within my account, the mixed up one was
saved to the non-spam mailbox.

So I have this picture:

1. I got two mails, the friend's mail some months ago, the spam message
some days ago.  The spam message was marked spam on arrival.

2. The friend's mail stayed in my normal inbox, the spam message was
automatically filtered and moved to my spam mailbox.

3. I did a search on all mailboxes for messages marked as spam.  I got
several of these and moved them to another mailbox.

4. I did a search on all mailboxes for the second pattern and got this
friend's message, which didn't match the search pattern.

5. By then the message was mixed up at least within the UI.  I still got
the old header information within the mail list section but the new
header and new body in the mail view section.

6. After restart I got only the new header information and mail body,
but no hint on the old friend's message.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - http://enigmail.mozdev.org


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